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How to Market a Law Firm in 2020

Law firm marketing is essential for any agency that wants to drive the flow of new clients. People always need professional consultation when it comes to legal issues, as this field of study requires deep expertise and practical experience.

But how to get new clients for law firm or a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn? Digital marketing is an effective tool that helps to promote a brand and increase brand awareness. At its core, digital marketing for law firms is pretty similar to an online advertisement in any other industry. Generally, the touchpoints are pretty the same. Content, however, differs.

In this article, we will cover six working marketing tips for law agencies.


Start from a Marketing Plan

Your law firm marketing plan is a business blueprint determining what you want to achieve and how you are going to do this. It shouldn’t be very long: usually, one page is enough. In the plan, you should cover:

  1. Objectives – outline what you want to achieve: drive new clients, enter a new niche, or enhance customer loyalty.
  2. Tactics – what you are going to do to achieve your goal: email marketing, SEO, SMM. In a word, determine online advertising for law firm.
  3. Metrics – how you are going to assess the ROI: the number of leads or new clients, an increase in sales.

Focus on Local SEO

Your goal is to enter the Google 3 Pack in order to appear at the top of the search results. To achieve this, you should work hard on your local SEO presence. One of the most effective tools is Google My Business: a business profile, where you can state your

  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Website and links to social media
  • Photos
  • Short description of the activity and provided services
  • Working hours.

Besides this, your clients will be able to rate your services and share their reviews. You should do your best to achieve the highest rating and flood your profile with positive reviews.

Enrich Your Blog

Creative marketing ideas for law firms don’t always work. It doesn’t mean that you should abandon them. Instead, it’s better to add some educational content to show your expertise. You can share some useful tips about recent laws or describe a touch case that you managed to solve. This will help to deliver additional value and drive customers.

Another benefit of blogs is enhancing your SEO presence. What we mean is that if you incorporate relevant keywords, your blog may appear at the top of the relevant search results. This is an amazing idea of how to promote your website.

Carry Out Webinars

Video content is trendy. So do webinars where you get a chance to educate your audience about your services. In fact, according to Wyzowl, the majority of consumers and marketing specialists (97%) claim that videos help customers to understand a product better. This is your chance to decrease the number of cold calls and gain leads instead.

Besides covering your services, you can also share meaningful insights. For example, at the moment, topics regarding remote hiring can’t be more relevant. HRs, entrepreneurs, and even employees themselves seek to know their rights.

Utilize Social Media Marketing

SMM or social media marketing is one of the top priorities for marketing specialists regarding the industry. With the deep penetration of mobiles, everyone, from regular US citizens to the executives of top companies, spend a lot of time scrolling the feed in social media.

The ultimate advantage is a low price. Therefore, it’s probably the best option in terms of small law firm marketing. Besides this, SMM is relevant for both B2C and B2B. The former implies spreading a word about you on Facebook, while the latter in a business social media LinkedIn.

Law firm marketing isn’t that hard when you know where your customers exist. Determine the channels of communication, define the topics your audience is interested in, and let your ads begin.

Success is a cumulative notion that requires many factors. In order to achieve it. You should constantly monitor the feedback and the ROI. This will help you to determine your law firm advertising rules.

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