How to Increase Engagement of a Blog Anonymous

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Blogging is not as simple as most people think. If you don’t properly engage the visitors, they will never come back. Reading articles on the internet can be boring, so you have to learn how to keep them engaged.

Encourage Participation

There are platforms that allow visitors to share their opinion as an anonymous writer. You should also offer the opportunity to write for your blog.

Create Audience Personas

Audience personas tell you about the interest of your website readers. You will be able to create content that they want if you know who they are.

Use Second Person Pronoun

The pronoun “you” feels more personal and conversational. You want your readers to feel like they are having a conversation rather than being schooled.

Add Useful Graphics

Visuals increase engagement but avoid the use of decorative images. Add one or more images in the article that add to the content. It will make your article more attractive and engaging.

Ask a Question

Try asking a question at the end of each blog, encouraging the readers to answer in the comments. No one wants to be the first to comment. But once people start commenting, others are automatically encouraged.

Reply to Comments

Search engines read comments on each blog to see its engagement and decide its ranking in the results pages. Don’t leave your visitors alone in the comment section. Reply to each of them even if you are just saying thank you.

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