How to Get Your First Job

During your first job search, there is this excitement you feel. You are most excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of you and won’t bother giving much thought to the ‘how’ and landing one of those possibilities. Landing your first job is still a herculean procedure because it’s your first time wading through the waters you are unfamiliar with, which means you most likely do not have all the information, particularly what your employers require of you. While you are searching for ideas related to finding your first job you can see good essay writing websites to get a qualified writing paper.


Below are tips you need to keep in mind before and during your job search, be it your first or subsequent searches.

How to Start

Start by writing and rewriting your resume to suit the job you are applying for. After tailoring your resume, try and reconnect with your references and identify the keywords that’ll help you hone your search. You could also create a business card to make contacting you super easy.

Know What Employers Are Looking For

Fact: Recruiting managers spend an average of six seconds on your resume.

There is a possibility that your resume will never catch recruiters’ attention the way you intend; therefore, you must consider grabbing as much attention as you can within those six seconds. Always include technical skills, impact certification, softs skills, and quantifiable success because, in those six precious seconds, that’s what recruiting managers want to read.

How to Beat Your Competition

The best way to beat the competition of fellow applicants is to pay extra attention to details. Paying attention to more information boils down to information and how much you know about the company and what they do. Organize the information you have gathered in an orderly manner and present them as such during your interview.

Be Irresistible to an Employer

HR insiders claim that possessing some basic knowledge about the company is a key to stand out in a stack of resumes. Basically, the more you stand out amongst other applicants, the more irresistible you become, this you can be the most knowledgeable candidate.

Uncover the Use of the Right Keywords

What do you know about the applicant tracking system? How do you intend to leverage and use it to your advantage? The applicant tracking system helps the company filter through tons of applications and resumes while weeding out candidates who aren’t fit for the job simply because they didn’t use the right words. To avoid finding yourself in this category, you must ensure that you use the right words. You must read the job description and pick up from there.

How to Negotiate a Good Salary

Landing yourself a job is not the ultimate; rather, coming out of the negotiating table with a salary offer acceptable by you. Always bear in mind that what you earn in your first job might set the tone for the level of success or failure you would attain along in your career.

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