How Facebook sorts comments on posts

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As you know, Facebook uses an  algorithm to classify the posts that users see in the top positions in their news feed, which has been changing regularly. However, according to the official publication of his blog skymarketing , the social network’s classification efforts do not stop with the publications: Facebook wants to guarantee that the time of its users is well spent, so it also classifies the comments in the publications. . These are the factors that determine this order.

Facebook also sorts comments on posts

As we know, the more comments and participation at capital smart city your publications have on Facebook, the greater reach you will have within the social network , and therefore it makes sense to encourage more participation from your audience by responding to relevant comments in your publications as well as encouraging the participation of your followers.

However, it is important to know how the classification system of blue world city comments in Facebook posts works, since you decide the order in which they will be displayed.

If you have a page in the social media giant, you have probably already noticed it: users will see first the comment of someone they follow , and then a classified list with those comments in the publications that have achieved the greatest number of “Like” or whoever responded to the comments first.

However, Facebook has made an update in order to improve the classification of comments in the publications, clarifying that both pages and buyproperty will be able to control their own configuration for this classification.

Factors that determine the order of comments on Facebook posts

This form of classification of comments will be the default in the publications of the Facebook pages of property news, as well as in those profiles that have a large number of followers , since according to the social network, these publications tend to have many comments.

Comments on posts will be prominently displayed when:

  • Comments have interactions from the page or userwho originally posted.
  • When the comments or reactions are from friends of the person who published.

Despite this, Facebook ensures that it will continue to take into account the following factors :

  • Signs of integrity. As the social network explains: «We want to see authentic and safe comments». If a comment violates Facebook’s community standards, the system will automatically remove it, and if the comments are of low quality they will not be shown as prominent.
  • Engagement factors. Reactions and number of responses are also key factors in determining the order in which Facebook displays comments.
  • What users want to see in the comments of pechsFacebook is always polling its users, and the results are used to determine the ranking of posts and comments on its platform.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the order of comments on Facebook posts that are directly controlled by users or page managers, as they can hide or remove comments entirely.

This can be useful in case the comment is spam, off-topic, or just doesn’t contribute to a wider conversation.

How to switch to chronological ordering of comments

Finally you should know that any person or page , has the number of followers they have, can activate or deactivate this automatic classification in the comments , so if you prefer, you will be able to show the comments in chronological order, but remember that the more discussion is encouraged In your publications, the higher the positioning you will achieve in the news feed of your followers.

As explained by the social network:

«If the comment classification is activated on your page, those with the most likes or responses will appear at the top by default, as well as the comments of friends or  verified pages and profiles . If you have deactivated the comment classification of your page, they will be shown by default in chronological order.

Comment classification is automatically activated on all pages and in popular public profiles. You can deactivate it by following the instructions below. Live videos have comment rating enabled regardless of your page settings. »

To enable or disable the classification of comments, you must be an  administrator of the page . If you are an administrator:

  1. Click  Settingsat the top of the page.
  2. In  General, click  Comment Rating .
  3. To enable comment sorting, click the check box next to  View most relevant comments by defaultto check it. To disable comment rating, click the check box next to  View most relevant comments by default  to clear it.
  4. Click  Save changes.

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