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How Are CBD Capsules Made?

The popularity of CBD capsules has grown throughout the years as more and more people are realising the benefits that it can provide for many medical conditions.

CBD capsules come in a few different forms, but in many ways, they are ingested and absorbed in the same way. The purpose of capsules is to deliver the cannabidiol oil (CBD) throughout the body using the digestive system.

CBD capsules do not provide the same high or psychoactive feeling that THC gives to a user.

Why do people use CBD capsules?

Many people use CBD oils for various mental and physical conditions. The most popular uses are for stress, anxiety, inflammation, and other physical pain symptoms.

What are CBD capsules?

Raw CBD and Full Spectrum CBD can’t be compressed into a solid substance, which means they can’t be sold as pills. Pills tightly compress the ingredients into a solid shape. Capsules however are enclosed in a soluble container.

For this reason, many people use capsules or soft gels to consume CBD. Soft gels are usually filled with hemp oil and olive oil in addition to CBD. It is usually more translucent in nature and may have a dark golden colour.

Should I choose capsules or soft gels?

Many of the ingredients in capsules and soft gels are the same. Soft gels are more likely to contain gelatin, so capsules may be a better option for vegans or vegetarians.

Soft gels are known to be easier to swallow because of the flexible encasing, so they may be a better choice if you have difficulty swallowing the capsules.

Capsules sometimes contain extra vitamins or other beneficiary supplements, so you can use them as a way to get additional nutrients as well. You can check the bottle to see all of the active and inactive ingredients of the capsule you want to buy.

What is the main ingredient of CBD capsules?

The main ingredient in CBD capsules is the CBD itself. The dosage and the milligram amount will depend on the product and company that you buy from. Most capsules are sold between 15mg-25mg of CBD.

If you aren’t sure what dosage is right for you, you can always start with the smallest amount and increase as you feel needed.

What are other ingredients in CBD capsules?

Besides the CBD ingredient, capsules will always have some inactive or filler ingredients. This is common with any capsules; including the vitamins or supplements you may take.

Some capsules contain gelatin, so they may not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Some other common ingredients in CBD capsules are:

  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Water
  • Sorbitol
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Polysorbate Emulsifiers
  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides)

The majority of ingredients are harmless and are only meant to help the digestive system absorb the CBD quickly and efficiently.

Can I make my own CBD capsules?

Many people choose to make their own capsules because they are cheap and easy. You will need a few materials to make your own capsules.

You will need pure CBD oil, a capsule (preferable vegetarian), and a nozzle or measure markers. Nozzles and markers don’t have to be used, but can make the process easier if you are new to making your own capsules.

Separate the ends of the capsules from each other and set the smaller end aside. Fill the larger end of the capsules with the desired quantity. You can buy capsules that hold a certain amount so you don’t overfill or make the dosage too high.

Alternatively, you can use a nozzle and a measuring device to measure the desired milligrams and then fill the capsules accordingly.

Once you have it filled, securely place the smaller end of the capsule back on. You can take it whenever you’re ready with any kind of beverage.

Capsules that you make at home usually only last about a month, so make sure to only make as many as you think you will consume within the next month.

Any extra capsules you make should be stored in a pill box or bottle so that they don’t become crushed or damaged. Putting them in the fridge can also help them last longer.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

While CBD can help with a wide range of health problems and be used for therapeutic purposes, there are some very key areas that CBD is known for being powerful and very beneficial.


CBD capsules can be very soothing to the nervous system and can be used as a natural sleeping aid.

While traditional sleeping pills may make you feel groggy in the mornings or like you are still tired, CBD will not give you these unwelcome feelings in the morning. You will be able to sleep better and feel more motivated throughout the day.


CBD can help control inflammation which is one of the main causes of acne. CBD has been shown to be able treat many inflammatory conditions. These include psoriasis and other itchy conditions of the skin.

You can take CBD capsules in place of acne medication. Since CBD is all natural, you won’t have to worry about the side effects that usually come with over the counter or prescription acne medications.

Lower Blood Pressure

Clinical studies have shown that just one single CBD dose can lower blood pressure in otherwise healthy participants.

It has also been shown to help people who suffer from chronic high blood pressure and other symptoms that come with hypertension.

These are just some of the added health benefits. CBD capsules can also help with cancer treatments, help to relieve pain, and can help people cope with anxiety and depression.

Final Thoughts

CBD capsules are a great choice because they more convenient than taking an oil or using a patch. They also have many health benefits without having to deal with side effects that come from traditional medicine. Capsules are often relatively cheap and can also contain other vitamins and minerals that could benefit your health even further.

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