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Here’s Why Your Dog Needs Its Walk-Days

Have you ever wondered why dogs furiously wag their tails at the slightest hint of going out? Usually, this reaction is followed by a chorus of excited barking and the most pleasing puppy face. The reason is obvious; dogs adore outdoor activities, even if the said activity is a simple walk in the park.

Recent genetic studies have revealed dogs trace their roots to a now-extinct wolf population. The Late Pleistocene wolf is thought to be the ancestry of all modern and ancient breeds of dogs. Therefore, it’s not surprising when our pup can’t resist a walk in the wild. It’s in their DNA! You can find the best terrains for your dog in Hundeskov, and one he’s going to want to come back to.

Here are some reasons you need to get off your couch and take your Fido out for a walk:

It is healthy for your dog

Dogs who spend a lot of time indoors are more likely to gain weight and become weak. Obesity is as bad for canines as it is for humans. Thus, if their sedentary routine continues for a long time, they will fall victim to a host of health problems.

Some dog breeds like border collies, German shepherds, and huskies need regular physical activity to remain healthy. Unfortunately, if kept caged in a house with limited space, such sporting dogs usually end up dozing off, often from boredom. Therefore, you must not let this happen. Because such a lifestyle will likely affect your dog’s mental and physical health.

Your dog needs fresh air

Unless you have a very green lifestyle and never use any chemical substance like detergents or other chemical cleaners, indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air. Exposing dogs to such an environment for a considerable length of time can compromise their health. Therefore, it’s best to take them out for a walk regularly. A healthy time out is just what your dog needs. These visits will strengthen your pup’s muscles, lungs, and animalistic instincts and traits. The best way to take care of your dog is to let them polish their detective abilities to trace, smell and snoop around.

A healthy way to release energy

Dogs, by nature, are extremely physical and sometimes even aggressive. Therefore, it’s best to let them release their energy through healthy activities. A walk out will occupy your dog’s mind and also drain his energy. Thus, he will be docile at home.

However, if a dog is stripped of this opportunity, there’s a high chance it will develop behavioral problems and turn aggressive. Yes, even to you.

Dogs need vitamin D too

Spending time outside means your dog will be able to get the required amount of vitamin D. You might think sitting in front of the window might do the deed. But window glass absorbs much of the essential rays needed. So instead, your dog only gets the harmful UV rays.

However, do not let your dog stay in the sun for too long, especially if it has a pink nose. Skin cancer is pretty common among dogs. Therefore, you must take proper measures.



Dogs are a very active and bright species. They love playing and running around. As it keeps them fit both mentally and physically. It is an owner’s responsibility to take adequate care of their dog. Thus, you must identify appropriate terrains and areas good for taking your dog out. It’s better if the area is not too crowded and free of pollutants. You are going to enjoy nature after all. 

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