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Helping Consumers with Ethical and Honest Financial and Credit Consulting

Charlie Daidone the founder of has been helping people with credit problems since 2003. Charlie was born in the Bronx and then later moved to Washington Heights and now lives in central New Jersey. He has been an entrepreneur and has been self-employed for over 25 years. In the past, he has owned a landscaping company, two different credit repair companies, travel and tourism directories and other small businesses. Over the years he has helped hundreds of people to repair their credit. Right now, Charlie has a credit consultation company, and he also helps entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

His primary mission initially was helping people to fix their credit. In August of 2021, Charlie decided to add a debt help section his website.

Charlie said “Credit repair has gotten a bad rap over the years and that is because of many unscrupulous companies that try to take advantage of consumers. But the fact is that credit repair is 100% legitimate and legal and it is your right consumer to challenge any misinformation that you posted about you with the three major credit bureaus.” The credit bureaus are in the business of selling our information to creditors and we have the right thanks to the “Credit Repair Organizations Act”, to make sure that the information about us on the three major credit bureaus is 100% accurate”.

“It is also extremely unfortunate that there are so many companies that try to take advantage of people who are facing debt problems”.

He goes on to say that “It’s unfortunate in the current times with the economy and with the pandemic hitting that many people have fallen behind on their payments and have accumulated much-unwanted debt. When they need help it’s hard to use due diligence and find a real company or organization that has the consumers problems in their best interest and is really hard to find a company that can really help them ”

Charlie’s company does not advocate debt settlement and other strategies to get people out of debt. Being a realist, he likes to show people how to get out of debt on their own using other strategies like using debt trackers and debt elimination software. There is some really good debt elimination software on the market that uses sophisticated algorithms to show consumers exactly how to pay down your high-interest rate loans and credit cards first to help them to get out of debt in a very short amount of time.

He also advocates many other debt reduction strategies like calling your creditors and ask them for lower interest rates. Other strategies include paying more than the minimum on your loan and credit card payments, balancing your checkbook, refinancing or doing balance transfers to lower interest rate offers, and really simple smart things like cutting your spending and getting organized and keeping track of your spending and your debt.

“I’m the business of helping people to ease their minds by getting rid of the big burdens that they carry which are almost always financial (debt) related. There is nothing worse than feeling the pressure of fallen into debt and potentially losing your assets and just not being able to catch up. Not only does my website have hundreds of executable strategies and ideas to get out of debt but it also helps consumers to build wealth. I am very proud of that.”

Charlie continues “Again it is unfortunate for all of the bogus companies out there that make fake claims remove accurate items from your credit report or to put you into a debt settlement program which will end up doing nothing but get you into more debt and destroy your credit.”

Unfortunately, there are many unethical, exploitative companies that have given the financial consultation industry a bad reputation.

“Thank God that Google is getting smarter and is making a lot of sense unscrupulous companies making false claims and is not showing them in their results anymore. My goal when I started my credit and debt consultation website was to review companies that can help consumers but while reviewing them also showing actual proof of what the companies have obtained for their clients”. When you have factual information like that and moneyback guarantees my visitors can trust in my consultation services and again that is something that I’m proud of.

Charlie also has a very strong passion about helping people to start their own businesses. He helps them to build websites, market them, perform search engine optimization on them and then he helps them how to grow their business.

On his website he has a big section just for entrepreneurs that want to start their own business. He also specifically helps individuals to start their own credit repair businesses.

Charlie also has a big passion for affiliate marketing.

You can find real actual reviews with verifiable results of companies that can consult and help consumers with debt and credit issues as well as dozens of informative marketing articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own businesses.


Charlie’s consultation company is located at 241 Forsgate Drive, Suite 203, in Monroe, NJ 0883.

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