Helpful Tips for Parking at the Airport

Airport Parking
Book in Advance Parkos Parking providers that are close to the airport, or at the airport itself, allow you to reserve a place well in advance. Parkos recommend that you reserve your place the minute you book your trip, in this way you avoid surprises of price increases, or not having a place with the provider you wanted.

Consider the Opinions of Third Parties

Do not hesitate to contact Parkos customer service if you have any questions about our suppliers, you can consult with us by visiting parkos.

Get out with Plenty of Time

On the way to the airport, several unforeseen events may occur on the road, which would result in delays in arriving at the car park / airport. Leave with plenty of time to avoid having to run at the last minute to catch your flight.

Find your Parking Space Easily

You will find several parking companies and other services near the airport, so it will not be easy to find yours at the first. Before you take the car and start driving, write the exact location of the parking provider where you are going. Further you can contact with Parkos providerson their telephone number, they will available to contact with you in case of unforeseen events.

Record your Mileage

In case the staff does not write down the number of kilometers, we recommend that you take a photo. We remind you that the possibility of a staff member driving your car is tiny, but in this way you will travel quieter.

Upon his Return

Turn on your mobile the minute the plane lands at the airport. In this way, you can call the provider quickly, which means you will not have to wait to return to the parking lot, or have your car back at the airport.

Do not Leave Objects in Sight

If you want to park your car without complications and board directly, Parkos is the solution. Our Parkos service offers the most convenient way to solve your car parking in each of the ports detailed below.


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