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HealthStone Family Doctor Is Expanding with the Grand Opening of their New Medical Office in Hollywood Florida That Accepts Obamacare and Medicare

The HealthStone Primary Care Partners Organization is Expanding! The Hollywood Florida based primary care group announced the grand opening of its newest and most comprehensive Hollywood Medical Center located at 3039 Johnson Street. The manager, Monica Rodriguez, of their Nextdoor neighbor BenaVest, says “we have over 20,000 clients and all of the ones that go to HealthStone for healthcare in Hollywood Florida just love it.  I mean we never stop hearing about how great their staff and Doctors are. Most of the agents here use them as their hollywood family doctor as well because it has been very hard to find Doctors in Fort Lauderdale that accept Obamacare”. Benavest is a Florida Licensed Insurance Agency and is located just 2 doors down in the same plaza and is there to assist HealthStone’s patients get covered with the best healthcare plan possible. BenaVest’s Agents are Licensed by the state to help with medical plan selection but go one step further and screen the beneficiaries for all possible social benefits available like LIS and/or the Medicare Savings Program. These plans and programs may wipe out some of the out-of-pocket expenses for consumers like deductibles, copays and co-insurances. BenaVest’s goal for HealthStone patients is to make sure they are satisfied with their coverage while HealthStone’s goal is to provide them with the best Healthcare possible.

The new Family Medical Center in Hollywood features the latest in patient technology and will include 14 exam rooms, onsite lab, diagnostics, full dental and a senior resource and activity center. In an effort to address patient access issues, the new center will also provide patient transportation free of charge. In an era when many medical centers are focusing on volume, HealthStone focuses on the unique needs of each patient. The new center provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, high blood pressure, COPD, alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and arthritis. At the same time, HealthStone provides care to patients with less urgent healthcare needs such as the common cold, flu-like symptoms, minor injuries or anyone who may need a routine physical or medical clearances.

HealthStone currently operates 7 medical centers all located in southern Broward County and plans to expand over the coming year.  Besides catering to the underserved under 65 market, they also have a Dedicated Senior Medical Center division in Hollywood Florida. HealthStone Primary Care Physicians in Hollywood Florida is a leading independent medical group in South Florida. HealthStone Medical Group has over 25 healthcare providers who are committed to providing high-quality care. Originally created to bring together like-minded physicians who strive to provide high-quality outcomes-based care in a cost effective manner, the group has evolved to also provide physicians with the tools and expertise they need in order to remain competitive and profitable. “By putting the patient’s needs first and working in a collaborative model which focuses on patient education and coordination of services, we have created a highly successful model that patients love, and the physician’s love it too,” said Dr. Rene Reyes, the acting Medical Director for HealthStone’s doctor office in Hollywood Florida. “Our goal is to change the way healthcare is delivered and make the patient experience more interactive and engaging. Every patient has a care coordinator assigned to them to assist them in navigating and get the very best for their specific health care needs.”


For more information about Healthstone you may call 954-546-7083

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