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Gya Labs Launches New Rose-Inspired Aromatherapy Products in Time for Mother’s Day

Dover, DE (April 7, 2021) – Mothers and maternal figures are the cornerstone of every home, community, and society. Just in time for the upcoming Mother’s Day, Gya Labs has introduced two new products: Rose Otto Essential Oil and Rose Bulgaria Hydrosol, both based on the ever-popular rose flower. This release comes hot on the heels of Gya Labs’ recently released new skincare and body care product lines, on top of the existing pure essential oil collection, featuring products newly launched on the Amazon storefront and on the website. 


Cultures around the world have traditionally attributed the meaning of love to the rose, and the first type of love everyone experiences is that from their mothers. With that in mind, Gya Labs introduces the luxurious rose otto essential oil. Rose otto essential oil is derived from the steam distillation of rose petals, yielding a thin oil that captures the precious scent of the familiar rose. Gya Labs recommends using this to complement an aromatherapy practice, either by adding 2-3 drops to an aroma diffuser (or as per the appliance’s directions) along with other essential oils for relaxation in the evenings or to add a drop to any skincare product and use as usual for an elevated self-care experience. Purported benefits antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as the ability to decrease anxiety, stress, and menstrual symptoms, so mom can rest easy and feel good anytime.

Also launched this month is Gya Labs Rose Bulgaria Hydrosol. Hydrosols differ from essential oils due to the different process which results in different botanical compounds retained in the solution. For rose hydrosols, rose petals are steam distilled, from which the rose otto is extracted separately and the hydrosol remains. This delicately-scented liquid has a myriad of benefits while offering similar aromatherapy benefits to that of rose otto essential oil. Gya Labs recommends a refreshing spritz all over the face as a facial toner which soothes dry or sensitive skin types. Moms will love refreshing the home or car with its refreshing aroma too, and people have even used it as a pillow mist to hopefully induce rose-scented dreams.

Gya Labs wishes all mothers and mother figures out there a happy Mother’s Day! Gya Labs current collection encompasses a range of pure and blended aromatherapy oils, carrier oils, skincare, and body care products aimed at uplifting simple routines at home into enjoyable, transformative self-care experiences for every person. Shop Gya Labs aromatherapy range online where orders above US$70 enjoy a discount of 15% off and free shipping. Terms and conditions apply.

Gya Labs aims to promote self-care and uplift everyday experiences with a curated collection of aromatherapy and personal care products. Our customer-centric approach to design and wellness has led a core selection of signature essential oils and blends. In 2021, Gya Labs aims to expand within the aromatherapy arena and in the direction of skincare and body care products to meet customer demands. Visit us at or on Amazon.

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