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Google Workspace promo code FREE in Desamark and the benefits of the tool for business

google workspace promo code free in desamark and the benefits of the tool for business

Oct 20, 2020 11:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 20, 2020

G Suite has recently changed the name of the brand to Google Workspace. This tool helps you to improve the productivity of your company and brings you many benefits. In addition, thanks to the promotion that they have in Desamark you will be able to try Google Workspace for FREE for a few days and if you decide to get it you will also have Google Workspace promo codes with a 10% discount during the first year.

Google Workspace is designed to facilitate the management of information and tasks of a company, business, company with several workers, freelance or even an educational institution. Thus, the user who hires you should only worry about attending to the tasks, while the management would be left to Google Workspace.

Benefits of Google Workspace

  • Personalized business email with domain
  • Work from anywhere
  • Cloud storage
  • Additional security

Try Google Workspace FREE
On you can find a promotion with which you could try Google Workspace for a few days for free:

In this way you can test without any compromise if it fits what you or your company needs.

Google Workspace promo code Business Starter and Business Standard
In case it works fine for you, in Desamark there is another promotion of Google Workspace: they are promotional discount codes in the Business Starter and Business Standard plans, they can be acquired with a discount of up to 10% during the first year:

You can see the registration process and application of promotional codes step by step in this video:

Business Starter is $6 monthly and have 30GB (Similar to previous Basic) and Business Standard is $12 monthly and have 2TB (Similar to previous Business)

You can compare here Google Workspace prices and updated plans here:

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Benefits of Marketing online Certifications
On the other hand, online marketing certifications (Google, Hubspot, SemRush, Hootsuite, etc) can also help you to obtain greater economic benefits as well as access to a better job within your company.

The online marketing certifications give an excellent reputation and high credibility to their customers, which is translated into increased web traffic and hiring of products and services, higher sales and profits. Or for an employee it can mean a promotion at work or a salary increase.
With CertificationAnswers study guides you can prepare your official certifications faster and easier:

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