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Global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Forecast for 2024

Artificial Intelligence is playing a huge role in today’s technology driven world, half of the backend processes are now automated and most of the complex tasks are made simpler with Artificial Intelligence insights, same is the case with Cyber Security division, most of the cyber threats are effectively neutralized as artificial intelligence driven cyber analysis tool predicts the next cyber-attacks or helps finding remedies faster than ever before. With more and more emphasis on cloud security, the use of Artificial intelligence in cyber security has become more important than ever.

That’s the reason why Global Artificial Intelligence market is going to grow at 35% CAGR by 2024 and market size is to reach 31.2 Billion by 2024.

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The technology segmentation of the GAI market are Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Speech Recognition and others.

Service type segmentation of the market includes but not limited Data Security Services, Network Security Services, Identity and Access Security Services and Cloud Security Service and others.

Growth drivers of the Global Artificial Intelligence market are increase in cyber-attacks, adoption of digital solutions, cloud based service adoption and data privacy regulations.

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