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Future hair scientist entrepreneur makes leadway with hair ideas

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I wanted to talk about the hair industry. It’s a powerful powerful tool that all of us need to be educated on. To talk about what’s going on in the hair industry, it’s the same mediocre thing. You have a model stand-in on a wig prefixed or after the “person selling” their wig will have it on and then they fix it. I’m here to tell you that I’m different because I take pride in the creation of wigs whether pre-fixed or not I look into what makes that particular person happy with their hair. I want to also be able to educate people on the prolonging of how synthetic hair could be replenished simply with detergent and a steamer, and good curling iron.

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I will be going around every month buying all premium hair wigs testing them to their possible limits. I will also show my audience that I want to give back to the community by helping women in poverty in giving them a free wig with “Dress for Success” and “The Wardrobe” giving me good advice and putting in a good word in for me by seeing what the people want and are willing to try out.

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Also going from shelter to shelter giving out free wigs and putting wigs on women’s hair for free is something that I do too everywhere I went I helped women achieve their goals and if they have a story that sounds very detrimental I will help and try to make sure that they get a Wigs for Success Llc T-shirt coaching advise for the future Genuinely Michelle Wigs Llc is an art form that makes sense because everybody wants to buy wigs e-commerce but they are afraid that they will not get what they want. I am here to tell you that I will not rape your pockets!!! I  will educate I will make sure I build a rapport with you to see what new style you want to achieve through me in the future then I’ll even throw in measuring your head for purposes of find that right wig and look at your facial structure to see what types of wigs are available and which ones to stay away from!!!

My pictures show that my craft is artistic for that many would call cheesy. For now, anybody that takes pictures with different background is dedicated is artistic is empowered. I want to help everyone that has that possibility of wearing wigs and I want to push and create Kimberly Wigs Factory. Everybody that is not wearing a wig should pick up one for every occasion and also become more involved in what type of wig do you want to portray cheap and unprofessional or affordable and professional at the same time.

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The technology of the future…

I want to work alongside the Asians who make these frontal laces and started the wave or the wigs industry. I also wanted to work with: Vivica Fox. about trying to create my own type of hair strand so that I can sell it for affordable prices.

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