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Funny Employee Awards Title for Your Next Party


Employee recognition is all about giving acknowledgments for the hard work of teams and individuals in the company. It creates a connection between the companies. However, you have to make them appropriate while sticking to the company’s values.

“Employee recognition is an art. It should be creative. It can be more exciting when giving funny employee awards. You can have a lot of laughs coming up with funny superlatives and recognitions that will put a smile on everyone’s faces. Aside from tickling their funny bones. It is hilarious but still shows your appreciation for the winner’s contribution to the team,” according to a human resources expert.

Essential Elements of a Funny Employee Awards

These are a few pointers on how to come up with quirky and insightful employee awards.

Fun Factor

You can do employee awards that are fun and meaningful. Most laughs can come from funny descriptions that show authentic appreciation for the employee’s contribution to the team.

There are inside jokes in every team. You can use them to create awards that are relevant yet fun.

Originality, Creativity, and Variety

Employee awards are meant to recognize a wide range of valuable contributions. Since everyone has their specialty and brings a unique contribution to the team, the awards are perfect in recognizing them.

Awards Should Not Be Expensive

Awards need not be very expensive. A certificate and a modest gift can be enough. Your objective in giving awards is to make the employees happy. That means you don’t have to concentrate on the price of the awards but on how heartfelt it is.

Here are some examples:

Night Owl Award: For the employee who routinely appears as active during unusual times at night when everybody is sleeping.

Early Bird Award: For the person who usually posts messages and sends emails before the sun comes up.

Netflix Navigator Award: For someone who has seen and rated every show that comes out on Netflix.

Best Photographer Award: For the employee who posts the best photos in the Workplace.

Proud Pet Parent Award: For the employee who shares the best photos of his or her pet.

Event Planner Award: An employee who has a hand in planning every event and party.

Coffee Fairy Award: For someone who keeps the coffee flowing for the team.

Top Chef Award: The winner is someone who brings the most delicious treats for the team.

Cool Under Pressure Award: This is for the employee who keeps a cool head during the most stressful situations.

Stand-Up Comedian Award: We all have this employee, somebody who has a genuine sense of humor. They light up the office and make everybody laugh out loud. The office will be awfully quiet without them.

Staff awards can be creative, but meaningful and fun. Funny employee awards can bring the most satisfying experience for every staff member in the company.

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