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20 Best Fun Ways to Announce Your Retirement

fun ways to announce your retirement

Retirement is a serious matter and should be handled with the utmost sympathy.

Whoever said this was wrong. No doubt it can bring mixed feelings, but in general, it is such a joyous milestone in a person’s life. In today’s article, we’ll reveal to you the fun ways to announce your retirement. So, if you are near your retirement age or want to announce early retirement, give this article a read to end your employment journey in a possibly fun way.

Historically, people retired at 65, unless or until some extenuating circumstances make them continue their work. With time, the process of retirement has become complex and complicated. Some people opt for early retirement in their 50’s. Announcing your retirement can be a delicate task but think about it after several years of clocking in and operating according to someone else’s command. Now you are no more in the line as you are free to call the shots-isn’t it worth celebrating?

20 Fun Ways to Announce Your Retirement

Before getting into making your retirement announcement funny, make sure to write a formal letter informing your boss or HR so you can have a smooth start.

Announce Your Retirement Over a Party

One of the fun ways to announce your retirement can be by gathering all your coworkers or people you value in your life.

Retirement Over a Party

Make funny invitations, keep it a surprise for everyone, and let them speculate what’s new with your life. That way, you are already starting your retirement age with celebrations.

If you are retiring at some supervision level, arrange a home dinner party to announce your retirement to make a favorable impression.

Send a Funny Email

If you are fond of funny seasons and have a sense of humor, one of the easiest and fastest ways to break the news of your retirement is doing it by writing a funny email to your coworkers and boss.

Funny Email

If you are known as the funny guy or lady at the office, they may want you to make a funny retirement announcement. Do it like a pro.

You can start an email with a formal tone and then end it by adding jokes or funny things about the office or any coworker to make it witty and cheerful.

Funny Retirement Cake

I once read somewhere everything is better with cake, and whoever said that said the right thing. Announce your retirement news with the cake but don’t forget to put a funny text over the cake. You can bring it with you on the last day of your employment, or you can have it delivered. Distribute the cake or cupcakes to the whole department. If you are wondering about the funny text to write on retirement cake, here are some ideas for you.

  • Goodbye tension, Hello pension.
  • Unemployed and loving it
  • Peace at last
  • Yippee, I don’t have to work anymore
  • LTFB (Let the fun begin)
  • Retirement is just across the corner
  • Congratulations to me: I am Retiring!
  • I know the work environment will suck without me.

Keep reading as we still have a lot in the box of fun ways to announce your retirement. Retirement is an occasion that calls for fun. If you are looking for retirement cake ideas for your friend or coworkers, we are here to help you come up with the right words. Here’s a list of funny retirement wishes you can use that will make them laugh

  • You’re too old for this shit
  • Now your only job is having fun
  • Enjoy your permanent weekend
  • Please take me with you
  • Retirement is a piece of cake
  • Showering is now optional but still recommended.
  • We will miss your bad jokes
  • Now you have no excuse to work out
  • Congrats on your escape
  • You’re retiring, and that’s not fair

Give Out a Funny Business Card

Moving further on how to announce retirement funny, another option you can opt to announce your retirement to family members and coworkers is giving out your new business card over a family reunion or dinner party.

Funny Business Card

You can order them online from Amazon as well. You can use lines like “Not my problem, ask someone else! “to add the fun element to your card.

Announce it By Giving Out Funny Gifts

Reveal the news of your retirement by giving small funny gifts to your spouse, coworkers, or boss. If you know someone who is retiring, one of the best ways to send them off is with the joke. You can go with a coffee mug, forks, t-shirts, or chain. Here are some funny ideas (NAME) The legend has retired. If you want to announce your retirement, use the following lines on gifts to make the retirement announcement funny.

  • I tried to retire, but now I work for my wife
  • Retirement is my career choice
  • A wise woman once said, ‘I am outta here, and she lived happily after.
  • Retired – I do what I want and when I want
  • Retired! Woo-hoo

Wear a Funny Shirt

Another fun way to announce retirement in a funny way is to do it by wearing a shirt that reveals you are retiring. Keep it a surprise until it’s your last working week to add more fun. Keep wearing multiple shirts unless they get a message. You can make a customized shirt revealing you are retiring and wear it to the party you have thrown to announce the news.

Funny Shirt

Go with the shirt-on saying, “I am retired, and you’re not! Have fun at work tomorrow to make a cool entrance.

Make Funny Videos

If you are still unable to make up your mind, do not worry, we still have a lot of ideas on the topic of fun ways to announce your retirement. You can announce retirement over a video if it’s suitable for you. Make a video, add the fun element by adding an embracement tale you have ever faced during your employment. You can send in a group of coworkers and your boss via WhatsApp or other social media posts.

Create a Funny Poster

If you are creative or love to design, you can create your unique and hilarious retiring poster, or you can take the help of a professional person.

Hang the poster on your room, the wall nearest you, or maybe outside your house. If you do not want professional assistance, use tools like Canva or Adobe. Some fun ideas to put on the poster are

  • Please don’t rush me anymore
  • Retirement- License to Chill
  • Whatever I am retired
  • Retired and ready to Relax

This way, you can make your retirement announcement amusing.

Give out Funny Flyers

If you want an idea other than a poster to announce your retirement, you can go with distributing funny flyers. You can go to work earlier when you want to make an announcement and hand over the flyer to the front door to distribute them during lunch break or put them down on everyone’s desk.

Plan a Prank

You can announce your retirement by doing a prank with coworkers or your boss. Make sure to film the whole prank to cherish your last funny employment activity. To get ideas about funny office pranks, you must watch seasons “The Office” and “Brooklyn 99” as they never fail to make us laugh.

Post a Picture on Social Media

Take a selfie in the office and post it on your social media with the funniest and hilarious caption you can think of. One thing to note here is to inform all the important people of your life about retirement and then post it on social media. We have compiled some captions for you to make it easy for you.

  • Today is the day- Happy retirement to me.
  • The only problem with retirement is you never get a day off
  • I am late for work again-No I am not, I am retired.
  • What do you call a person who is happy on Monday? -Retired

Funny Post-Its

You can also put sticky notes with witty post-it notes to reveal your retirement on your coworker’s laptops or desks. Use these funny notes to let them know.

  • Good luck without me 
  • Not my headache anymore-Retiring soon
  • I have permission to relax and enjoy the ride.
  • Yep, I’m out

Funny Letter

If you are an old bird school, follow that tradition of writing a letter to everyone to make retirement announcements funny. You are officially required to send a letter before ending your employment; why not make it funny? If you are on good terms with your boss, they would love to receive a funny retirement letter from you.

Hold a Special Meeting

You can make up a fake meeting agenda to ensure everyone is present.

Special Meeting

Send an invitation to all coworkers to make them curious and prepare a short funny speech or create a PowerPoint presentation to announce retirement.

Sing it Out Loud

If you are famous for your singing, customize the lyrics of your favorite song and sing your retirement song. You can add what you will miss about the place and whatnot. You can give compliments to coworkers in a sarcastic tone if you want. You can get a couple of more ideas on funny retirement songs by scrolling through the internet.

Use a Megaphone

If you are a fan of season Brooklyn 99, the idea of entering the office with the megaphone will not be new for you. Walk in with the megaphone, use a siren to grab everyone’s attention. Make the announcement and leave like a boss.

Host a Funny Speech 

Prepare a funny speech and start it between the already planned meeting or family dinner and see how everyone reacts. This can be the best way to surprise your coworkers or family members with your retirement news.

Wear a Funny Necktie

If you don’t have routine Friday, wear the necktie revealing your retirement and wait for the coworkers to notice. This can be a subtle way to announce your retirement. Of course, no one will see you as soon as you enter the office premises, but they will surely talk about the weird tie you are wearing. Eventually, they will know, and you can laugh at their stubbornness.

Walk Around With a Funny Coffee or Mug

If you are looking for fun ways to announce your retirement, the simplest way to do that is by walking through a mug with a retirement saying. Let everyone know that you are soon retiring by walking through with the funny mug.

Funny Coffee or Mug

If you are known for your sense of humor, the idea can be a great hit.

Bust a Move

Lastly, you can do a makeover of some character from the ’80s or ’90s and announce your retirement while dancing your socks off.


List of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers on a Website About Topics “Fun ways to announce your retirement

Q1. What is a Good Retirement Saying?

Make your retirement fun with the ideas explained in the article. You can use saying like
· I don’t want to; you can’t make me- I am retired
· It’s Monday again-Oh wait, I am retired
· I am retired, you’re not-Have fun at work tomorrow

Q2. Do You Congratulate Someone for Retiring?

Yes, you should congratulate a person on their retirement. You can thank them for how they have helped you in your employment journey. If a family member is retiring, you can congratulate them on their long successful career.


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