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Forewarned is forearmed! On Vuuzle.TV, watch only the NEW Vuuz News

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Today we are surrounded by information everywhere. In the media, the news feed is updated every minute, and each new day brings its own sensations. What was news yesterday may not be worth paying attention to today.

The popular OTT platform Vuuzle.TV publishes a daily news program Vuuz News, which contains socially important and relevant information. After all, every news item on Vuuz News also answers 6 main questions:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Sometimes this list is supplemented by the question “What does this mean?”

“Who benefits?” and “What will happen?”, but the main ones are the first six.

Also, the source of information must be indicated in the news message.


Undoubtedly, Vuuz News is current news from such spheres of life as politics, economics, science, culture, sports. Most importantly, Vuuz News is presented as neutrally, objectively, and balanced as possible. In particular, the authors of this project are guided by the following principles:

  • Efficiency  – information about a certain event must be published as soon as possible through the appropriate channel of information transmission, otherwise it will cease to be news;
  • Relevance  – the information message should touch on important issues for society, attract public attention, encourage wider discussion;
  • Social significance or interest  – the news should cover issues that are of interest to society, certain segments or large social groups, and not one or more people;
  • Objectivity  – impartiality of information presentation, absence of its distortion or distortion, coverage of different points of view on issues;
  • Reliability  – submission of truthful information from verified sources;
  • Specificity of the construction of the information message  – the news message contains only the most important information on the topic without going into detail.


Vuuz News presenter Bilal Syed is a professional journalist and model. He is an incredibly focused and organized person, as well as an effective communicator who works well in a team and knows how to work with colleagues and interlocutors at all levels. Also, the person on the screen is one of the most important means of expression of television spectacle, the effective factor that dramatically combines any other means of expression of television. That’s why it’s impossible to imagine television without constant, bright presenters – that’s exactly what Bilal Syed is.

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“My name is Ahmed Meselhi (Messi) from Egypt, I am 35 years old, graduated from tanta University having a degree of mass communication, media department, radio, and TV section. As a producer at Vuuzle doing many shows (Vuuz news, Vuuzle eyes, trend street, sports port)“

Vuuz News producer Ahmed Meselhi is a professional reporter, journalist, content author, and presenter. He has experience in various media in Egypt and the UAE, and he has been working for Vuuzle Media Corp (Dubai) for more than a year. Ahmed was educated at Tanta University (Bachelor of Arts, media department, radio & tv section). He also studied at UNFPA (News reporting production workshop) and Amr el-kahky’s workshop (Program manager of al-hurra news (USA), News reporting production workshop). Ahmed Meselhi prepares Vuuz News: monitors and selects the most important news; analyzes content; writes leaks, news briefings, and scripts; holds editorial meetings and manages the production process.

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“My name is koki from Egypt… I’m 31 years old… I graduated from a university in Law. As a news producer, My role in vuuzle is prepare unique and exclusive content local, global, entertainment, economic, sports, and social media. ”

Assistant producer of Vuuz News Sawsan Ghandour prepares for the air unique and exclusive content that covers local and world news. Sawsan was educated at Zagazig University, Bachelor of Law. She has extensive experience in various media. In particular, she was the producer of the show Tlak on Al Hayah TV channel.


Vuuz News not only informs the public, but also gives viewers the opportunity to form their opinion on various topics. In the news on Vuuzle.TV, viewers are among the first to learn what is important in the world during the coronavirus pandemic and what is new and interesting in business, economics, sports. Also, to ensure a good mood, the authors of the project are preparing a selection of funny videos that are now in the trends of the Internet.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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