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Five Researches That Show The Power Of CBD

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 24, 2020  2:20 AM ET

Today, CBD is a widely enjoyed and commercialized product that is found on the shelf of a dispensary and many cosmetological products. It is gradually emerging as a fitness supplement and also a sleeping aid. It appears as a versatile product that almost appears like a one-all solution to many of our everyday problems.

Several independent studies and research studies proved the efficacy of CBD over the period. Each of them introducing a new facet of CBD. Many of these discoveries broadened the CBD user base making it one of the hot trends in the food and supplement world. Read on to find out what these studies have to say about the power of CBD.

Discovery of Medical CBD:

Cannabis always had a reputation of being a miracle herb in traditional healing methods. It is not only the therapeutic properties of cannabis those allure users, but its mind-altering effects also attract a user base who use it for recreational purposes. Sadly, its potential threat of abuse sidelined the good qualities of the herb giving cannabis a status of being illegal in many parts of the world.

However, it was in the 1940s, yet another groundbreaking discovery changed the destiny of the herb forever. Dr. Roger Adams segregated one of its elementary compounds Cannabidiol(CBD) at the University of Illinois. It was during the primary research, CBD did not bring any catalepsy on the lab mice, intriguing research to further study the compound. The discovery of the CBD initiated a new momentum of revealing the health potential and benefits of the herb without a disadvantage of any psychoactive effects. The full structure of CBD was fully interpreted around 1963; ever since then, the compound has been a point of interest for multiple researchers.

CBD and Endocannabinoid System:

For anyone interested in understanding the role and significance of CBD must first understand the functioning of the Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Various receptors in ECS respond and interact with CBD bringing a significant alteration in multiple human functions and systems. However, it is amusing to know that it was not until the late 90s we came to know about the existence of ECS in our body. Giving us a way to understand the signaling system of CBD and its role in altering mood, anxiety, stress, stress, appetite, pain, etc.

The discovery and study of the ECS system led to a deeper understanding of the power and potential CBD for human use. Many users testify to the use of CBD in managing these conditions, one can buy the safe CBD vape juice to experience the miracle of this compound.

CBD and Anxiety :

While THC has a reputation for triggering anxiety in some of the users, CBD works quite the opposite. It can bring a calming effect and aid relaxation, both physical and mental. An independent study in 2010 revealed CBD to be beneficial in reducing anxiety symptoms in patients suffering from acute symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Not only the participant reported a better mood and feeling, but the brain scan also revealed more blood flow to the brain regions linked with anxiety.

Consecutively, many types of research were carried out signifying the potential use of CBD in treating many psychological disorders, including anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder(GAD), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). Many patients are now relying on CBD to heal and cure everyday stresses. The benefits of supplementing CBD, along with their other therapies to battle acute anxiety is gaining momentum in the past couple of years.

CBD and Pain:

Although medical science has shown significant advances in pain care and management, there is still much scope for medicine with fewer side-effects. Traditional pain management medication like opioids levy a high risk of dependency and the probability of organ damage. Therefore, the research studies indicating the positive effects of CBD for pain management seems like a turning point in the healthcare industry. CBD shows anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties; thus, it can be an effective and safe alternative to painkillers.

Also, the interaction of CBD with ECS and the Central Nervous System can help manage neuropathic pain that usually occurs due to dysfunction in the nervous system. Human trials also indicate CBD to be effective in dealing with rheumatoid arthritis-related pain. Since several CB receptor vests under the surface of the skin, CBD topicals are becoming a popular choice among many users. Many variants such as CBD oils, capsules, lotions, balms, ointments, and massaging oils are now available in the market, thus, signifying the popularity of the compound as a pain-reliever.

CBD as a Sleeping aid:

Apart from holding several curative properties, CBD is gradually holding the attention of users as a therapeutic supplement too. All thanks to the research work that indicates CBD to be an effective remedy to battle insomnia and sleeplessness. It curbs various causes of insomnia such as pain, anxiety, and stress, and helps restore a sound sleep cycle.

CBD can impart relaxed long hours of sleep as it can reduce the Rapid eye movement (REM) during deep sleep cycles and aids complete rest especially among users suffering from trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Various methods of consuming CBD such as through vaping and dabbing offer a relaxing experience especially around bedtime. Alternatively, those who don’t like to vape can always take CBD gummies 3 hours before sleep to experience deep sleep.CBD can balance the sleep-wake cycle, thus reducing day-time grogginess for more active energy the day ahead.

The Bottom Line

Before we plunge into buying a new product, it is essential to have some ground knowledge about the product. Many pieces of research regarding the potential uses of CBD are both progressive and promising. We still need profound lab-tested research to solidify the claims and testimonials of these preliminary researches. Access to information and word of mouth played a significant role in shaping the growth of the CBD industry. CBD undoubtedly is here to stay on the market.



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