Features Guide of a Good Electric Scooter

best electric scooter with seat

Any electric scooter without air tires or suspension is almost unrideable on the road and will not give you the comfort needed.

Battery & Range

Some manufacturers quote their battery size in Amp Hours, or Ah. Now, this detail could be meaningless except the nominal current of the battery is known. Then you’ll have to make your calculation to know the capacity watt per hour . It would be more perfect and easier to know the battery capacity if it is quoted in Watt-hours just as in the case of an electric unicycle.

Top Speed

Some scooter manufacturers claim to have a 20mph top speed, but in the end, it might be unrealistic. This is because the scooter might not be well designed with large wheels or good suspension to go that far.


We know you need the best electric scooter that can go the distance for you. To enjoy your ride on your favorite scooter, you need it to be dependable, comfortable, durable and fun for you whether on smooth or rough roads.

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