Famous Social Media App Facebook is Going to Announce App Records in Massachusetts Probe

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The attorney general began to look into Facebook in 2018 when it was alleged that Facebook recruited Cambridge Analytica to get help accessing the data of over 80 million users. Among Cambridge’s past clients is President Donald Trump, who recruited them in 2016 for his election campaign.

Facebook is the only entity that knows the identity of the developers and apps therefore, it was going to be impossible for the attorney general to obtain this information any other way. Facebook is allegedly seeking an appeal to avoid handing over the data.

Facebook conducted its own probe last year, and as a result, over 60,000 apps were suspended. Of these 60,000, as many as 10,000 were found to have misused customer data. Davis made his decision on Jan. 16, and it has been met with overwhelming support.

How to Be Safe Online

Com, commented on the fact that Facebook audiences are a powerful way to reach customers at every stage of the buying funnel. While Facebook may be the company in the spotlight now in regards to the misuse of customer data, they’re certainly not the only ones.

More General Attorneys

This isn’t the first time that a general attorney has conducted a probe into Facebook’s conduct regarding customer data. Last year, Facebook was fined $5 billion to settle a U. Facebook coming under fire for alleged misuse of customer data is just one of the thousands of reasons why it’s essential to tread carefully online. There are many companies out there that count on their clients, not reading the privacy policy they have in place.


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