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Exness broker; what they are offering for beginners

Forex trading is not an easy game, and beginners often feel lost while doing it. It is mainly because the broker they are relying on is not cooperative. Forex trading’s success depends more on the broker than on the trader. No matter how well you understand the market. If the brokerage firm does not let you know everything about the market while providing the necessary tools, you might not do well. To make it a win-win for you and to earn a lot of money, you should choose a reliable brokerage firm.

Exness broker is one of its kind, providing some unbelievable support to its clients, especially the beginners. I believe any wise brokerage firm will devise a policy to empower the beginners, as eventually, those beginners will then become the loyal and permanent clients of that broker. Undoubtedly, Exness has done a great job in this regard.


Why should you trust Exness?

Exness is not a baby brokerage firm. It has been serving the forex traders for the last ten years. So it clearly means that one must not worry about reliability; it has grown according to the standards of online forex trading and has adopted modern technologies too. Thus, whenever a beginner registers himself at the Exness platform, he will feel safe and empowered.

Moreover, currently, more than 70 thousand clients are registered at Exness. This huge number of forex traders from different parts of the world.

Makes forex trading smooth as butter for beginners

A hair dresser or a teacher assumes forex trading is difficult and they cannot earn money through it. However, if they have chosen the right brokerage firm, then it will not be very difficult. The Exness firm has several supportive features that will make forex trading quite easy.

Minimum deposit

You do not have to deposit a huge amount of money; you can make an account at Exness just with 10 dollars. The standard account is best for beginners, such as students and laymen who do not want to invest extra money.

Even if someone wants to invest more, then he can go for other accounts such as the Pro account, where the minimum deposit is 200 dollars.

Easy to register

You do not have to worry about the registration process. The registration is divided into two parts. The first part is where you will share only your name, email address, and mobile phone number. It is as simple as opening an account on Facebook, and Gmail.

For the next step, you will need the trader’s license number, and the proof of residence. You will share the utility bill, or any ID for that.

Different types of accounts

Exness offers three types of accounts. These are as follows.

  • Standard account.
  • Pro account.
  • Zero account.

The best beginner account at Exness is the standard account. It has the minimum deposit, but at the same time, you will get the best trading platform. You will get all the benefits of the pro accounts too.

Customer care 24/7

Beginners often get confused, as the forex trade is very dynamic, but with Exness, you do not have to worry about it. They offer a 24/7 customer support, which is accessible through the WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Moreover, they offer customer support in 13 different languages so that you can better understand and discuss better in your indigenous language.

Reliable platform with analysis

You need a reliable platform that is compatible with all your devices for a convenient experience. Moreover, one needs to understand the current trends too, the MT4 platform is one of the best for forex trading, providing the traders an opportunity to trade with ease while analyzing all the graphs and the aspects that can affect the forex trading.

Along with MT4, they have MT5 platforms too, you can choose whichever suits you. There is no way that the trading platform will annoy you.

Withdrawal and deposit options

Exness offers you more than five options for withdrawal and deposit. It means that anyone who is starting trading through Exness is not supposed to create other bank accounts. It is compatible with nearly every bank account, regardless of its size and popularity. Currently, Exness is compatible with the following banking systems.

  • Skrill
  • Credit cards.
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Perfect money.
  • Web money.

The only issue is with the local bank wire transactions. Exness is not entertaining any wire transfer.


Exness is currently being regulated with more than six regulatory authorities, providing an opportunity for all the investors from all across the globe.

  • Financial conduct authority
  • Cyprus securities and exchange commission.
  • FSCA
  • SFSA
  • Fsc (Mauritius)

Tradable products

You will be amazed to know that Exness makes it far easier for the beginners to trade as they provide an opportunity to trade in several tradable products. It has more than a hundred currencies, CFA indexes, cryptocurrencies, and commodities to trade.

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