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Erlloisse Magan Explains Why Computer Engineering is an Excellent Career Choice

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 4, 2021  2:00 PM ET

Compared to years past, it’s sometimes more difficult to land a high-paying job these days even if you have a college degree. Writing for NPR, reporter Yuki Noguchi found people with prestigious graduate degrees struggling to land well-paying gigs. IT expert Erlloisse Magan says that even though many people are struggling to establish their careers, there is a huge demand for IT and computer engineering skills.

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“I know a lot of people are struggling to land that dream job,” Erlloisse Magan says. “There are opportunities, but you need the right skills, and in some cases, degrees. Demand for IT professionals and people with computer engineering skills is extremely high right now.”

So, should you make the jump into IT and computer engineering? Erlloisse Magan says that the pay and benefits in these roles are often great.

“Pay is quite high, and if you’ve got the skills, landing a six-figure salary is possible,” Erlloisse Magan says. “Other benefits, including vacation time, healthcare, retirement, and remote work options, are also often generous.”

Okay, the money is good. How about the work environment? A great paycheck may not be worth it if you’re miserable all the time. Fortunately, software engineers often enjoy intellectually engaging work and excellent office environments.

“First, let’s get this out of the way, software engineering work can be challenging,” Erlloisse Magan points out. “That said, many people working in the field will tell you that it’s challenging in a good way. You work your brain out, solve problems, and build tangible things. Most software engineers aren’t pulling their hair out because of their work.”

As for the work environment, Erlloisse Magan has this to say.

“Often, you’re working alongside competent coworkers and skilled managers,” Erlloisse Magan notes. “Many companies feature laidback office spaces, and you typically don’t have to wear a suit and tie every day. Of course, experience can vary from company to company. However, if you don’t like a particular environment, high demand for computer engineers makes it easier to find a new employer.”

Erlloisse Magan Discusses Computer Engineering Education

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So how do you bust into computer engineering? Generally speaking, you have to acquire the skills before you land the job. College programs offer one way to build skills and burnish your resume.

“There are some great university-based software engineering programs,” Erlloisse Magan says. “Make sure, however, that you’re learning modern programming languages and up-to-date methods.”

If you’d rather not go to college, there may still be options for starting a computer engineering career.

“College isn’t necessarily a must to be a computer engineer,” Erlloisse Magan says. “You can acquire skills through self-study at home. And you can sign up for online classes through Udemy and the like. You may also be able to sign up for a boot camp, which is a short, intensive course that typically only takes a few months and focuses on professional skills.”


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