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Environmentally Friendly Gifts You Should Consider Giving for the Holidays

In the U.S., people end up throwing 25% more trash which is a total of 25 million tons of waste, which will take a lifetime to recycle if they do indeed get recycled. It is a massive problem that will see no end until you take action this holiday season by being eco-friendly items to your list of gifts you would want to buy for your family and friends.

If you are worried these products will not be serving the holiday mood; you should not worry as these gifts listed here are unique, practical, and Christmassy. You can even make a note using a card-making kit and wrap it in reusable gift wraps to personalize your items into more sustainable-themed gifts. Get your shopping bags out, as you will want to join the eco-friendly gift club after seeing this list.

Gifts That Should Be on Your Radar for the Holiday Season

Plastic pollution, depletion of resources, overproduction, and the climate crisis are interconnected problems that more people keep becoming aware of. These crises might sound overwhelming sometimes that you might just feel like you’re not going to change anything, but that isn’t true; one small action can ripple into something bigger. After all, it’s the future of humanity and the world if you don’t include yourself in the narrative of changing your lifestyle and making more informed choices.

So before you purchase any plastic toys or new clothes that your cousins and friends will only use for a couple of years, consider these eco-friendly gifts that won’t contribute to the ever-growing unnecessary holiday waste. Here are some of them:

Secondhand items

Some people would totally appreciate receiving antique, vintage, and secondhand items as they have some history and are also wrapped in mystery. Besides old things being a fantastic gift, it also helps the environment as you are lessening the amount of waste that will end up in landfills.

You can choose some antique jewelry for your parents, vintage decors for your friends, and some secondhand shirts for your siblings and friends. You can also opt to declutter and give away some of your old items you no longer have much use for to give them a second life. If any of your friends and family end up not liking any of your gifts, explain to them the value and importance of buying and giving these kinds of gifts, that it has lesser negative impacts on the world.

Tote bags

Tote bags are all the rage these days that it’s common to see people carrying one. They’re easy to have as you can fold them or sling them on your shoulder when you’re on the way to the supermarket. Then you can use them and say no to the plastic bags that grocery baggers will put your groceries in.

You have many options if you want to personalize this kind of gift more. You can choose a tote bag with a fun print, or you can even create your own by using some fabrics from old clothes. Anyone who receives an eco-friendly gift will appreciate the effort and the intent of being sustainable behind this gesture.

Composting bin

Giving a compost bin to your eco-friendly friends and family members would be truly appreciated, especially if they are into gardening. These bins allow you to turn biodegradable wastes like fruit peels, unused vegetables, rotten food, etc., into compost that could be used as a fertilizer that enriches the soil while helping cure some plant diseases and warding off pests. Not only will this bin make composting more accessible, but it would also be less messy and more fun.

Water Bottle

The world has massive plastic bottle problems everywhere and pollutes and harms marine life and the ecosystem. So, one way of lessening your friends and family’s dependency on these bottled drinks is by giving them a water bottle. You could also consider buying one made of stainless steel or bamboo to avoid plastic.

Have Sustainable Holidays

Besides these gifts listed here, you can also consider supporting small businesses and buying items that will have a portion that will be donated to several eco-friendly organizations. Do yourself and the people who matter to you a favor by being more open to sustainability. Do the world a favor by saying no to more waste.

You can also consider not buying any gifts for this holiday, like some families who celebrate giftless holidays. The holidays are supposed to be about togetherness and not about material things, anyway.

Meta title: Fill Your Shopping List with These Eco-friendly Gifts
meta desc: Every year, giving gifts during the holidays generates too much trash that amounts to one million tons per week. So give the planet a break and give your friends and family the best eco-friendly gifts instead.

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