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Echoworx Continues Commitment to Aggressive Growth

Sep 15, 2020 9:00 AM ET

iCrowd Newswire – Sep 15, 2020

Our growing team of experts attests to our commitment to aggressive growth in the field of email data protection.

Echoworx, an industry leader in message encryption, is pleased to announce that we have added five crucial positions to our growing team of talented individuals – showing our commitment to the innovative aggressive growth of our business!

COVID-19 emphasizing the important role of secure communication

The impact of COVID-19 has forced organizations all around the globe to shift their business models to everything digital – pushing the importance of secure digital communication from important to critical. And this has made Echoworx busier than ever as we satisfy new demands for our suite of email data protection solutions.

“As demand for our service increases, so does the demand for new staff to support our growing customer base,” says Alex Loo, VP Operations at Echoworx. “When we look for candidates to join our team, we’re not just looking for those with a specific skill set – we look for innovative, proactive and motivated team players who can deliver top-quality service. That’s what success is all about.”

The role of email data protection continues to grow

Research thinktank IDC predicts the mobile workforce in the US might reach 93.5 million by as soon as 2024 – or 60 per cent of the US workplace. This shift, brought on by an increased demand for digital solutions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, puts increased strain on day-to-day business tasks, like sending email. And, with a whole new landscape of privacy rules, laws and regulations dictating how, where and why sensitive data may be sent, email data protection is to play a pivotal role in this digital revolution.

And we grow with it…

To help fulfill our planned growth model and to help us continue to innovate our email data protection offerings, we welcome Sergiu Ivasenco, Software Architect, Aquib Kazi, Technical Operations Support Specialist, Adnã Oliveira, DevOps Specialist, Sravan Kumar, Infrastructure Engineer, and Muhammad Tusher, IT Specialist!

New Echoworx hires:

Sergiu Ivasenco, Software Architect: Sergiu Ivasenco brings over 15 years of software systems development and engineering to Echoworx. From consulting for municipalities to supporting large e-commerce sites to engineering and product development for financial organizations, Sergiu’s career spans many different industry verticals. Sergiu believes enabling trust is a keystone element for group success – especially when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting data. We are looking forward to seeing Sergiu’s contributions to the development of Echoworx’s email data protection systems!

Muhammad Tusher, IT Specialist: With over a decade’s worth experience working in IT and telecommunications engineering, Muhammad Tusher is a seasoned professional in the support, maintenance and deployment of IT infrastructure. Stressing the importance of cybersecurity in any IT environment, Muhammad wants to use his skills to provide excellent service for Echoworx customers and clients. 

Aquib Kazi, Technical Operations Support Specialist: Working in a fast-paced environment like cybersecurity, and with experience working all around the world, Aquib Kazi understands the ever-changing nature of data privacy and technology and how it relates to products like email data protection. We welcome Aquib to the Echoworx team – and look forward to working with him!

Adnã Oliveira, DevOps Specialist: Adnã Oliveira comes to Echoworx with an in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructure and operations support – with nearly a decade’s worth experience working in the fields of government, finance and healthcare. It’s the fluidity and ever-changing nature of DevOps which attracts Adnã to this position – he enjoys building better products through refining the development cycle of applications, tools and infrastructure. Welcome to Echoworx Adnã!

Sravan Kumar, Infrastructure Engineer: Sravan Kumar has nearly a decade’s worth experience working in the IT environment as a Cloud DevOps engineer and Linux system administrator. We welcome Sravan to Echoworx and are excited to see the innovative ways he helps us further push our product to the next level!

Sound like you? Join us!

As we continue to expand into the email data protection space – an absolutely booming industry – we are always on the hunt for top talent to join our amazing team of experts. Check out our career page to see if there is a position right for you.

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