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Drone X Pro Review is it A Good Buy? Must Read

drone x pro review is it a good buy must read

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 23, 2020  9:23 AM ET

Drone X Pro: Taking Photos and Videos To Another Level

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Are you a photographer trying to find ways to capture stunning and crisp aerial images of places and people? Then you must be aware of the fact that having a drone is the best way to achieve this. But the ones available are expensive, right? Maybe except one. Drone X Pro is one of those gadgets designed to take high definition aerial clicks at a fair price. This lightweight drone is very user-friendly and gives you jaw-dropping results.

DroneX Pro as a gadget is manufactured for both amateurs and expert photographers and filmmakers. It works as an excellent alternative to buying high-end cameras. With a Drone X Pro, advanced photography and videography becomes accessible without having to worry about technicalities. Capturing brilliant images has become easier because of its high definition cameras.

Before diving further into the features of the product, let us discuss why or where you may require this drone.  If you are someone who is interested in photography and videography and wants to explore further, then Drone X Pro could be the best option for you. This drone is opted by those who want more features than the basic drones but are unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars. This device is able to capture clear images from a significant height which would not have been possible otherwise. The videos as well, are of great definition.


The foremost step is the price. Unlike the other similar high-end gadgets, drone X Pro does not burn a hole in your pocket. Selling at under $100, it is one of the most pocket-friendly devices for anyone looking to buy a quality drone. Its price ranges from $90 to $99, depending on the model. For someone just starting out, the Drone X Pro price allows them to enjoy several features of a drone without having to spend a huge amount.

But how do you buy one of these? The answer is its official manufacturer’s website. Buying it from an authentic source, one can enjoy several discounts and sales on the product. From there, you may also get more details regarding product-packaging as well as options for shipping. Even though the drone comes at a very affordable price, it does not compromise with its performance.

The Drone X Pro is designed to be both functional as well as easy to use. Alongside, it is covered by a tough and protective material to prevent damages. The drone contains a user manual instructing how to operate it. The gadget can either be operated using a remote control system or a smartphone. But first, you have to insert AA batteries. By using the remote or the equivalent option on your phone, you can begin taking aerial pictures and videos.

It is a short-range drone that can fly up to 70-80 meters in the air. When connected with your smartphone, you can track its current location. It is suitable to use in stable weather and is not designed to handle rough weather.  Once you finish using it, you have to fold up its blades so that it does not get damaged. For additional safety, it is recommended to buy a case when traveling.


One of the primary features of this drone is its extended battery life, making it easier for photo enthusiasts to go for long trips without worrying about its battery draining out. It charges quickly, allowing you to experience interrupted photography sessions for up to 10-15 minutes. It is portable and lightweight, ideal for photographers and videographers willing to explore more. With its foldable arms, it is easy to fit inside a luggage.

The drone comes with 4 propeller foldable blades allowing safe and easy transport. It also includes a few spare blades which can be used when the others get damaged. You can make use of the screwdriver attached with the package to fix the blades. These blades are delicate and have to be utilized carefully. If not, they may have to be changed frequently.

Drone X Pro has an in-built 12-megapixel wide-angle camera that captures images and videos in high definition as well as 360-degree shots to allow you to capture panoramic images. Its wide-angle lens is able to capture videos whose resolutions are up to 720p at 120 fps. It also includes a single SD card slot to store all of your pictures and videos, enough to last several trips.


One more highlight of this device is that it is compatible with both Android and iOs systems. So no matter what smartphone you are using, you can easily connect it with the drone. It also offers voice control that allows you to control how the drone operates and where it goes. Its GPS feature allows the user to have constant updates regarding the drone’s location. This feature is uncommon to have in drones, especially in ones that are as cheap as Drone X Pro.

However, each product has its drawbacks. Before using Drone X Pro, one must be aware of the rules of flying a drone. The user must also have some training in flying a drone beforehand to avoid injuries and damages. Another shortcoming of this device is that it does not come with a gimbal. Apart from this, Drone X Pro is a good buy and produces desirable results.

Drone X Pro reviews are several, with customers experiencing differently. Some have had not-so-good experiences with this product, but most of the Dronex Pro reviews are positive in nature. A number of review sites show that this product has been given an overall 4-star rating. This implies that a number of customers are satisfied with this product. Its brilliant features and performance has made it a good investment for the ones starting out.

Drone X Pro is a device that is not only pocket-friendly but also guarantees excellent high-angle shots, allowing you to sharpen your skills. Its design allows you to carry it anywhere and shoot any place otherwise impossible to reach. Drone X Pro is manufactured not to compromise with quality and is a smart buy for both amateurs as well as professionals. At its price, it comes at par with other expensive drones available due its features and functionality.



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