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DivingPicks Suggests Full-Face Communication Scuba Masks for Enhanced Underwater Experience

Oceans offer a completely different world underwater than what we see above ground. It makes scuba diving and snorkeling are vastly popular as they allow you to experience the marine flora and fauna. These adventure sports offer the enthusiasts an unforeseen experience. Millions of enthusiasts dive to get a glimpse of marine life every year. DivingPicks offers tips and products after testing them out to make the life of these divers easy.

When you are diving underwater some particular equipment is required. These include a diving suit, fins, and breathing gear including a diving or scuba mask. While diving suits and fins are standard and having one depends on how much you can invest, scuba masks depend on use and the level of comfort one wants.

The scuba masks are available in 2 major categories: standard scuba masks and full-face scuba diving masks. The one you will see commonly in the movies and around a diving spot is the standard scuba mask. These masks have separate viewing and breathing mechanisms. The breathing mechanism has an oxygen tube running from the oxygen tank to the diver’s mouth and goggles for comfortable viewing underwater.

DivingPicks suggests that the full-face masks are a better pick for newbies and those who want better comfort and communication underwater. They suggest that OTS Guardian FFM, Neptune Space G Diver by Ocean Reef, and OTS Spectrum are the best in the category available in the market. Let’s discuss these scuba masks and the advantages they offer:

Neptune Space G Diver by Ocean Reef

This full-face diving mask is designed for complete comfort and functionality underwater. With a six-point strap, this mask stays put no matter how you dive and how active you are underwater.

OTS Spectrum:

Designed for the uber-cool youth of the modern time, this full-face diving mask has a goggle-shaped visor. In addition to breathing easily and naturally, you get a clear vision of the surroundings while you are exploring marine life.

OTS Guardian FFM:

Fitted with an ABV valve, the OTS Guardian is a full-face mask that you would love to have while going on underwater expeditions. Its low-profile visor is made of hard plastic and offers the diver a clear view of their surroundings.

Advantages of Using a Full-Face Mask:

  1. Visibility: The full-face masks are designed with a visor that reaches behind the eyes of the diver. This design offers 180° visibility to the diver when underwater and can prove to lifesaving in many situations.
  2. Water Protection: The full-face masks have a casing seal around them that presses tightly around the face. This creates a waterproof area under the mask that makes it comfortable to wear in cold water and easy to breathe in.
  3. Easy Breathing: The casing seal of the full-face masks keeps the oxygen inside the mask and allows the diver to breathe naturally from the nose.
  4. Anti-Fogging: Continuous circulation of air inside the mask prevents fogging and keeps the vision clear.
  5. Comfortable: These full-face masks are designed with the comfort factor in mind. They fit easily on the face and keep you warm in cold water.

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