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Dispute Recovery Platform to help small and medium businesses with their commercial disputes and litigations amid COVID-19 challenges

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iCrowdNewswire   Dec 7, 2020  4:30 PM ET

iCEIBA launched last week at the largest tech conference, Web Summit 2020, its unique Dispute Recovery Platform targeting small and medium businesses. The platform offers an innovative and effective solution for small and medium-sized companies who lack the expertise, resources, and time to secure legal remedies for their commercial disputes and litigations.

London, 7 December 2020 – Small and medium businesses face this year, especially challenging obstacles in their business due to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

Unique Dispute Recovery PlatformTM, launched by iCEIBA at Web Summit 2020 conference last week, comes to the rescue, beginning to provide the ultimate service to small and medium businesses (SMBs) to efficiently resolve access and resolve their commercial disputes and litigations efficiently.

The financial impact of unresolved or inefficiently resolved commercial disputes to businesses with 1-50 employees in the UK alone was £40bn in 2017.  In the US, the cost is even greater, amounting to $100bn each year.

COVID-19 made the situation even worse, and it is SMB’s bearing the brunt of the financial impact and the struggle due to the pandemic’s effects. The volume of commercial disputes will most likely increase.

Dispute Recovery PlatformTM launched at the start of WebSummit 2020 brings the ultimate solution and makes the recovery process simple for its clients. Dispute Recovery Platform uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate claims, blockchain technology for transparency, and the network of legal partners for oversight. The Dispute Recovery PlatformTM uses a truly unique business model providing advanced cash for its clients and added value in long term participation.

“We are pleased to be able to open our service to businesses and fulfill our mission to help more than 40 million small and medium businesses, which are currently losing $800 billion every year because of unresolved or inefficient commercial disputes and litigations”, said Petr Stransky, CEO & Founder of iCEIBA.

Dispute Recovery PlatformTM will initially service commercial disputes and litigations in the UK for domestic and overseas companies conducting business in the UK, thereby eliminating the need to navigate complex legal procedures and secure financing to pursue their claims on their own. iCEIBA will expand its operations to the US early next year to offer a similar service.

About iCEIBA

iCEIBA operates Dispute Recovery PlatformTM for commercial disputes and litigations, utilizing intelligent algorithms, blockchain technology, and a network of legal partners for oversight. iCEIBA’s Dispute Recovery Platform provides the ultimate solution for businesses with an upfront cash and an efficient recovery process, thereby eliminating exposure to cost and risk, common barriers to legal recourse.

Dispute Recovery PlatformTM is currently providing services in the UK markets and will expand in the US early next year. It aims to help 40m SMB’s losing $800B  due to legal costs and unresolved claims every year.

The company has offices in London, UK, and Dallas, USA.

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