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Digital Immortality: To Be or Not to Be? Dmitry Volkov discusses the future of human consciousness at The Philosophy Summer School in Italy

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In August 2023, Dmitry Volkov, a Ph.D. in philosophy and the founder of the Center for Consciousness Studies (CCS), conducted The Philosophy Summer School on the topic “Metaphysics of Uploading” in Palermo, Italy. The main goal of the School as a biennale programme of CCS is to create and maintain a global community of analytical philosophers.

The primary topic of discussion this year was the exploration of whether artificial computational systems can possess human qualities such as consciousness, personality, and thinking. If they could, how would it affect our understanding of existence? And do we have reasons for our technological optimism?

“In the last few years we have seen significant progress in the development of large language models and AI in general. This will lead to the emergence of artificial agents. But does it open a possibility for digital immortality? Some philosophers believe that human consciousness is some kind of software on the neural architecture of the brain. Maybe it can be uploaded to the silicon microchips? Maybe we can transfer ourselves to a more sustainable platform and transpass the limitations of our biological nature”, – says Dmitry Volkov.

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