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Delusion: Myth Or Reality?

Given the number of ancient texts that refer to it, it’s nothing short of astonishing that we haven’t found Atlantis yet. We don’t even know if there’s an Atlantis to find at all – it’s possible that it all started with one fantastical tale, and all the other stories and records are based on repetitions of that myth. There are many historians and experts who have concluded that it’s never been anything more than a legend, but there are just as many who believe that the legend is rooted in reality and that the remains of Atlantis are still out there somewhere if we just knew where to look. Even after so many years and so little evidence, the Atlantis name still inspires the imagination and attracts wonder.

Whether it’s online slots or films, there’s money to be made on the back of the Atlantis story, and for as long as that remains the case, people will carry on looking for it.


If we did so, we’d have to give careful consideration to Thera, an island that met with sudden destruction just as Atlantis does in the famous tale. Atlantis was drowned. Thera was buried under a volcanic eruption during the Bronze Age, suffering a similar fate to the Italian city of Pompeii. Everything that once existed on Thera was gone, though, and could either be a misinterpretation on Plato’s part or a mistranslation of Plato’s original records that led to the ‘flood’ version of the story becoming widespread.


Many researchers from the United States of America have dedicated years of their lives to trying to locate Atlantis, and they’ve cast their net far and wide. Spain seems too far away from Plato’s field of observation to be the right location for Atlantis, but there certainly appears to be something interesting in the sea close to its coast.


As recently as 2017, stone anchors were pulled out of the sea in the Strait of Gibraltar. Atlantis is said to have been a port city, and so the ancient anchor could have come from ships and boats that were in its harbor when disaster struck. No less than six of the 5,000-year-old anchors have been found in a part of the Strait, which was known back in Plato’s time as the Pillar of Hercules. Although interpretations vary, there are some who believe that the Pillar of Hercules is precisely where Plato specified that Atlantis could be found.

In the meantime, at least we can all carry on watching the films and playing the online slots.


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