Press Release Pre-IPO Group Releases A Critical Guide For SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) Issuers And Investors – 8 Key Issues To Consider And Potential Solutions.

March 30, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA In light of the major increase in the volume of SPAC issuance over the last year, and an increase in the volume of pre-IPO companies seeking listings, today announced that it is making available, on a complimentary basis, a key guide to help issuers and investors avoid common and critical errors in connection with SPACs.

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In January alone, SPACs completed around $26 billion in share sales, helping fuel $63 billion of IPO proceeds worldwide this year, more than five times the proceeds from January last year. SoftBank Group, Social Capital, The Gores Group, PE firm Thoma Bravo and many others have all raised money through SPACs in the past few weeks, capitalizing on last year’s record fundraising. Over 200 companies completed IPOs in January.  A record number of pre-IPO companies are considering SPACs as an alternative to IPOs.

However, according to Steven Ogunro, not all SPACs are equal, and their structures must be considered carefully given the wide range of parties with a potential interest in the equity of any SPAC, including pre-IPO companies, investors, investment bankers, sponsors, acquisition teams, acquisition targets, acquisition target shareholders, institutional funds, hedge funds, speculators, offshore (or even onshore) short-sellers, attorneys, potential lenders and more. Many SPACs will fail as a result of poor financial structuring.

Critical items (addressed in detail in the full report) to consider when evaluating a SPAC at any time include:

  1. Stock options or warrant overhang
  2. Stock research coverage
  3. Volume and liquidity
  4. Shareholder base strength
  5. Classes of stock and class power
  6. Credible institutional holders
  7. Debt and debt power
  8. Need for future financings

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Contact Information:

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John Porter
Managing Director
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