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COVID-19 Coronavirus Creates Unique Challenges for Child Care Programs and Summer Camps

covid 19 coronavirus creates unique challenges for child care programs and summer camps

Jun 2, 2020 4:00 PM ET
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Online Training Courses Developed to Address Unique Needs

June 4, 2020, Washington, DC: Individuals caring for children have faced unique challenges from the coronavirus pandemic. Protecting the health of children and ensuring early childhood programs and summer camps can safely reopen is of paramount importance as parents begin to return to work. To help address these pressing issues, the Institute for Childhood Preparedness has released over 9 hours of COVID-19 coronavirus online training courses for early childhood professionals. 

These COVID-19 coronavirus online training courses are taught by award-winning professionals with backgrounds in emergency preparedness, pandemic preparedness, public health, environmental health, law enforcement, law policy and regulation, mental health, food safety, criminology, and early childhood education. In addition, the Institute also offers over 4 hours of emergency preparedness online training courses, which includes Active Shooter and Violence Preparedness Training. In the wake of so many violent acts across the country, early childhood professionals need to prepare not only for the pandemic but also for acts of violence. All of the training courses developed by the Institute for Childhood Preparedness have been created specifically for those caring for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children.

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The individuals caring for our children have an awesome responsibility. Not only do they provide a caring environment, but they also must provide a safe and secure environment for children. Unfortunately, there are not many organizations that specifically address these unique challenges. The Institute for Childhood Preparedness’ Executive Director, Andrew Roszak, created the Institute to fill the gap, and provide emergency preparedness training to early childhood professionals across the United States. 

As of June 2020, the Institute for Childhood Preparedness has proudly provided on-site training to over 17,000 early childhood professionals across 20 states, 9 Tribal Nations, and Washington DC. Their online training courses have reached over 20,000 early childhood professionals across the United States and Europe. 

For more information, to take an online course or schedule an in-person training, visit the Institute for Childhood Preparedness at

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