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Companies Who are Eco-Conscious

Companies Going Green

Companies planting trees come with so many advantages. Isn’t it cool to know that when you buy an item, a tree takes root somewhere on the planet?

Every year millions of trees are destroyed in natural disasters right here in the U.S. Trees are important for air quality, water quality and beauty so it’s important that we do what we can to replace these lost trees.

Of course, this isn’t a problem that the government alone can fix. It will take all of us chipping in where we can to help ensure our country continues to be America the beautiful.

One simple, cheap and quick way you can help is by supporting companies who make it their mission to plant trees. This often comes in the form of companies who plant a tree for each product sold.

If you want to make sure your purchases take root check out the 7 companies below.

7 Known Tree Planting Companies (Eco-Conscious Companies)

  • Trinity oaks- by looking at their logo, you will realize the essence of their name and their work. Under the “One Bottle One Tree” campaign, they have so far planted 20 million trees. After all these accomplishments, they are not thinking of giving up on their campaign. As you buy your trinity oaks wine bottle, you will be planting a tree somewhere.
  • Baron fig- this company has managed to plant over 125,000 trees. With a campaign “Buy a Book, Plant a Tree” that aims at plating as many trees as possible. This money comes from the profits obtained after selling hardcover notebooks. They are not doing it in their headquarters in New York City. They have extended this program to over 30 countries worldwide. This company believes in using paper, but replacing that paper here it came from to them is paramount.
  • Woodchuck – beneath their logo, you would find the words “Buy One. Pant one” their way of giving back to society is so fantastic. Looking at their blog on planting trees and B.O.P.O. escapade, you will realize the great work they are doing. We love the jobs they have created and hope they have established for sustaining our future and us. However, this is one of the major companies going green
  • We WOOD-they are selling by the term “you buy a watch we plant a tree.” By this movement, they aim at planting millions of trees, and they have 600,000 planted already. Everyone with a taste in artisanship will not bypass their crafted watches.
  • Thymes- their dedication is to planting Frasier Firs. They have planted 80,000 firs. With 20,000 first to go, they will be hitting their 100,000 targets. They are restoring the Chippewa National Forest located in Minnesota. Through their campaign of “plant one tree,” they are making it. They are in love with the star scent, and they are ready to see it spread.
  • Detox Paddle Co- this is a board-making company that wants to make the outdoors so beautiful. With the movement “plant a tree when you buy a board,” they are doing a lot of work in beautifying the environment.
  • PrestigeHaus – At PrestigeHaus you can shop whiskey decanters, glasses and more barware. You will enjoy the unique decanters, and barware all while helping impact the climate. Every decanter that you buy, plants a tree right here in America.

It is not too late for organizations to join in this movement. A journey of thousand miles starts with one step. We can all hold hands together as companies and make sure that this universe becomes green. We are all responsible for our environment, so let us all keep it safe.

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