Clone Wars: Differences between Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp

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At this point in the poem, it goes without saying that the success of Snapchat Stories has served as an “inspiration” for other social networks when it comes to updating their features. They did not take long to copy the application launching their own versions of this function. Although it is not easy to discern the differences between Snapchat Stories and its competitors, in the following information we explain what it is that links them and what it is that differentiates them.

The differences between Snapchat Stories and its competitors

Although today little can offer more than its rivals, Snapchat can boast of being the first social network at skymarketing that has included the possibility of publishing content that disappears shortly after publication.

Through capital smart city‘s main interface, which is the camera screen, you can take a photo or video with it and add text, drawings or filters to it and send the final creation (snap) to a friend. Its ‘Stories’ section allows you to create a collection of all your snaps, which can be visible for 24 hours to everyone or only to your contacts, depending on how you choose. 

For some time, Snapchat has had properties that make it more like traditional social networks. We are talking about blue world city  , a function that allows you to save photos and videos to an album with the possibility of sharing them later.

On the other hand, Snapchat has many more features than Stories, such as the case of Geofilters or  Snapchat Discover,  a kind of commercial platform that allows large media such as People , CNN or ESPN to publish prominent information or events in these formats than may be of interest to its users.

But … how is it different from its rivals? buyproperty reviews it in this video:

Facebook Stories, an almost identical tracing of Snapchat

Facebook Stories is the umpteenth attempt by Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to compete with property news . First he tried to buy it, then he launched apps like Slingshot or LifeStage that did not have the expected success, and now he launches this app which is an almost exact reproduction of its original.

Facebook Stories can only be used on the mobile version of Facebook and its operation, use and presentation is practically identical to that of Snapchat. Posts can be sent to friends via private message and users can reply to ‘Stories’ via direct messages.

One of the great disadvantages of Facebook Stories compared to Snapchat (pechs) is that the latter integrates a greater number of filters and also has its own geofilter marketplace where the user can choose from a wide variety of designs to use for weddings, birthdays or corporate events.

The truth is that Facebook does not offer something very different if we compare it to its direct rivals, but it is also true that it has just come onto the market and that, surely, it will not take long to improve its features. We cannot forget either that it is the most widely used social network worldwide and that, a priori, it already has a considerable number of users capable of using this new functionality, although this tool has not yet fully worked for it. 

Instagram Stories is the application that offers the most differential features

Owned by Facebook, Instagram Stories is Snapchat’s headache . It was launched in August 2016 and from the first moment it was dedicated to stealing users from the ghost’s social network. Its release on the market was accompanied by great controversy due to its enormous similarity to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories works just like Snapchat Stories . You can share every moment of the day, either in photos or in videos and they can be viewed in a slide show format.

Instagram Stories is the application that offers the most differential features. It differs from Snapchat and Facebook in that it allows you to incorporate mentions – up to 10 – in every story you post. These mentions are notified to users through a direct message and not in the news feed.

It also gives the user the possibility to share Boomerang videos – they are played continuously back and forth. Another functionality of Instagram that differs is that it allows you to incorporate links to verified accounts without having to leave the platform and even buy without leaving the app .

Whatsapp statuses, ‘Stories’ that you can also post in chats

Whatsapp is (also) owned by Facebook and has become the latest social network to join the ephemeral content party. Until this week, the only notable new features it had added were voice calls and video calls.

Now users can use Whatsapp Status in the same way that Instagram Stories or Snapchat is used. In other words, content can be published in the form of 24-hour photos and videos, also using icons and texts.

Through the WhatsApp camera we can customize these contents by adding emoticons, drawings or writing with different colors on photos and videos and other editing options that it offers us, does it remind you of something?

WhatsApp States also gives the option to configure the privacy of our publications. It gives us the possibility to choose which people from our contacts can view our new status and who cannot. Unlike what happens with Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, no one who is not our contact – that is, who does not have our phone number – can see the content that we publish.

Despite this limitation, Whatsapp Status has a very interesting feature for users: it allows you to see who viewed the publication . A functionality that so far none of the other Stories have dared to include.

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