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Circle Labs CBD Reviews – 3x Strength Circle Labs CBD Balm for Pain Relief

The Whole Flower CBD Balm introduced by Circle Labs is a specially formulated full spectrum CBD balm that has the strength to ease chronic unbearable pains within minutes. And that too without the use of any hard-hitting pain killers or opioids. Be it joint pains or backaches, migraines, or injury pains, you can bid adieu to them once and for all.


How Does The 3x Strength CBD Balm Work?

The full spectrum, cold infusion, CBD oil is a rub on pain formula that targets the body’s natural Cannabinoid system and enhances Anandamide (a lipid that keeps your nerves in a balanced state and is a natural pain reliever) levels, thus diminishing the unbearable pains without causing any threatening side effects. The 120 mg of the purest CBD blended with essential oils provides complete harmony between the body and the brain thus normalizing the neural pathways. This in turn relieves you from the severe pain within minutes of its application.

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Consistent use of this CBD balm results in a more balanced endocannabinoid system and relaxation of muscles. It has a positive impact on the block pain pathways and reduces pain sensitivity in considerable amounts. The anti inflammatory properties of CBD give comfort against swollen joints and hurting knees. Your body feels re-energized with your joints more smooth and active. You tend to enjoy a deep restful sleep waking up to refreshed mornings.

How To Use CBD?
CBD balm is both safe and effective to be used by anyone regardless of age and gender. You can apply it to your knees, joints, shoulders, back, hands —– anywhere you have pain, CBD will bring relief to you. It penetrates into the skin, treats the pain and provides comfort and relief. The use of organic essential oils gives a pleasant fragrance and you don’t feel like a medicine box!

CBD has also proven to be effective for arthritis patients as well. But anyone who is already on medication should consult a doctor first so as to avoid any reaction with CBD.

CBD Balm Ingredients

The 3x strength CBD Balm is a unique formulation in its own remarkable way. The balm gets its strength from full spectrum potent CBD that is sun-grown and sustainably farmed for this special purpose. Essential oils and other natural ingredients are also combined in strict proportions so as to enhance effectiveness with minimum side effects.

Cannabidiol or commonly known as CBD is well known for providing comfort in many health issues like depression, heart diseases, acne, sleep disorders and anxiety. It is a popular pain reliever too.

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CBD used in the Circle Labs 3x strength Balm is not just another Cannabinoid oil extracted randomly. It is rich in

  • Phytocannabinoids —– that naturally enhances the body’s endocannabinoid system and reduces pain signals.
  • Terpenes —– the extra special aroma molecules that penetrate inside to bring comfort to you when in time of pain.
  • Flavonoids —– with their anti-inflammatory powers, boost the pain-relieving efforts even better than aspirins.

Some CBD ointments in the market are produced using plants gathered from grimy, creepy-crawly swarmed fields. Some CBD crude materials are presented to unsafe poisons, toxins, and pollutants, which influence their general quality eventually. These “mass-created” CBD products don’t yield the best outcomes

The Full Spectrum CBD used by Circle Labs is the most pure form along with its beneficial components which can only be extracted if the following process is strictly followed:

Plant Genetics

Research is done to collect the particular plant genetics that are rich in CBD levels and that can provide the best possible benefits.


The soil in which these plants are grown is rich in nutrients and does not have involved any fertilizer and pesticides. CBD plant are grown under natural sunlight


Plants are handpicked and kept under a strict climate control environment to preserve the nutrients inside them.


Each and every flower of the plant is carefully inspected. These are then heated at 250° so as to remove the carbon atom. This active form of CBD is infused with organic olive oil and sent to the lab for final testing.

This whole process demands research, study, and hard work. Circle Labs is committed to providing you with the best and this is what makes the formula your best option against your excruciating pains.

Following ingredients are also added to give the CBD balm its full and final form:


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— Organic Jojoba Oil: Addition of jojoba oil helps the CBD nutrients absorb more effectively and does not cause any irritation.

—– Organic Beeswax:  Beeswax has many healing properties. Its anti-inflammatory power helps in pain relief. It also serves as a humectant which means that it attracts water, thus making the skin hydrated and moisturized.

—– Organic Essential Citrus Oil: This gives a refreshing fragrance to the balm so that you do not feel like a walking medicine yourself.

—– Organic Frankincense: It plays a major role against inflammation in joints and preserves the cartilage present in them.

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Where And How To Order?

3x strength CBD Pain Balm can be ordered exclusively on the official website to avail discounts and sale offers. It is an easy to order process, where you can select from various deals available. Once ordered it will take about 7 to 9 working days to be delivered to your doorstep. The different offers currently offered are:

—— A single one-fourth ounce jar costs $29.95 plus a $4.95 shipping fee. This is enough to be used for a month and is recommended for mild infrequent pains that do not continue for a longer period of time.

—— Two one-forth ounce jars cost around $49.95 along with $4.95 for shipping charges. This can be used for two months and relieves you of any regular pain you might be encountering.

—— One 1oz jars costs $79.95 with free shipping can last up to 4 months and is most suitable for chronic pains.


CBD balm is not just a simple balm that confronts your pain and soothes it away. It improves the connection between the brain and the body so as to contrast the neutral pain pathway. Hence the more consistent its use, the more effective the results. Therefore it is advised that you opt for the one-ounce jar to get better results for a longer period of time. CBD balm ensures persistent relief from unbearable pain. But if you are not satisfied with the results, you can avail of the risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee. Your money will be refunded to you if at any time within three months of purchase you are not satisfied with the result.

Does Circle Labs CBD Balm Really Work?

The 3x strength CBD Balm is a welcome relief for all those suffering from chronic pains and discomfort. The benefits of the full spectrum CBD and other ingredients provides a natural remedy against all kinds of pain and makes you get rid of harmful and additive pain killers. With the help of the CBD balm, your life will be completely transformed making you more energized and refreshed!

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