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CEO of WARHORSE USA, Jessica Jordaan, Announces the Last Foal Documentary in Namibia, Africa

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 26, 2021  10:26 AM ET

Jessica Jordaan is the CEO and Founder of WARHORSE USA, a non-profit that raises awareness on the battle for Wild American Mustangs.  Jessica Jordaan’s interest in Namibian horses has led her to produce the Last Foal Documentary, documenting the hardships of wild horses living in the Namib Desert.


As a skilled equestrian and horse-lover, Jessica’s passion for Namibian Horses began when she met her husband Hendrik Jordaan, a Private equity CEO born in South Africa. As she grew aware of the struggles these wild horses face, the idea for the documentary was born.

The Last Foal Documentary features internationally acclaimed photographer, Guadalupe Laiz, who photographs how survival for these horses is dependent on the last foals born. Throughout the documentary, the foals are endangered due to drought and predators like Hyenas.

Jessica Jordaan started this project in hopes that the documentary would spread awareness about these endangered animals. Wild horses are in trouble not only in Africa but across the globe. Their protection is essential to ensure the safety of their species.

“It is deeply moving to watch the remaining wild horses of the Namibia Desert and see the dangers they experience every day. We as a people must come together to protect these animals who bring so much beauty to our world,” said Jessica Jordaan.

Watching the documentary is not the only way to get involved.  The WARHORSEUSA organization continues to help abused, unwanted, and abandoned Wild American Mustangs with the help of donations from the public. This organization is fully funded through donations made by animal lovers across the country.


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