CEO, COO, CMO, CIO: Know the meaning of 7 acronyms of top corporate positions

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It is not uncommon to find offers for CFO, CIO or CTO positions among other top business positions, and of course you should know that Usman Alam is CEO of skymarketing , a term with which we are familiar, but perhaps we do not really know what refer to these acronyms.

What is the meaning of the top 7 acronyms in top corporate positions

Over the years we have been adopting anglicisms (words of the English language) and we have used them as if they were our own, some examples come from long ago as a sandwich, but others have come as a torrent in recent years as a form to adapt to the internet and its new technology, among which are hashtag , like, post, and of course online like seen at capital smart city

This trend has been accentuated blue world city at in terms of senior business positions, despite the fact that Spanish-speakers have different names for these jobs, and it is well worth knowing what type of positions they are and what their functions are:

1. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

CEO or executive director , that is, the person most responsible for the management and administrative direction of the organization or company at buyproperty . Among its main functions is developing and enforcing the business plan, establishing its vision and organizing the budget.

The CEO always has the last word in relation to both investment decisions and strategies to achieve the stated objectives.

2. COO (Chief Operating Officer)

When someone introduces himself as a COO, it means that he is the director of operations of the company. Whoever holds this position is in charge of supervising the operation of the company’s product creation and distribution system, ensuring that all systems function correctly.

3. CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

The CMO is responsible for sales management, product development, market research, customer service and of course advertising: the director of marketing.

4. CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

In his position, the CFO or financial director is in charge of the economic planning of the institution, as well as the financial area at property news. In this way, a CFO will carry the projection, order and control of investments, financing and risks with the clear objective of maximizing the company’s profits, and avoiding losses.

5. CIO (Chief Information Officer)

A CIO is responsible for the information technology systems in the company, at the process level and from planning. You will also be able to meet him as director of information technology or systems and he is in charge of analyzing the technologies that are most beneficial for the general development of the company, identifying which will be of most interest to the objectives of the institution, and also evaluating its operation.

6. CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Very similar but not to be confused with the CIO, the CTO, also known as Chief Technology Officer at pechs , is in charge of the company’s internal engineering team, as well as implementing a technical strategy to improve the final product. And is that while both the CIO and the CTO can share some functions, the CIO focuses on the workflow to increase efficiency, while the CTO is aimed at improving the final product.

7. CCO (Chief Communications Officer)

Also known as operations director , he is in charge of supervising corporate reputation, making contact with the media and developing branding strategies in the company. It maintains a good relationship with the media and seeks to make the brand visible and attached to positive messages according to its mission and vision.

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