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Canned Mushroom Market Outlook and Opportunities- By Companies; Grupo Riberebro, Prochamp, Bonduelle group, Monaghan Mushrooms Ireland, Muniraj Mushroom Farm

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A fungus fruit body, mushroom, is considered to be a delicious food across the world. This industry is expanding globally both vertically and horizontally which means the expansion has been in consumption and production. This would in turn attract the introduction of newer types of mushrooms for commercial cultivation, both non-edible and edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are perishable commodity and should be consumed as early as possible after harvest because of their high moisture content. Thereby, to increase their shelf-life, these products are processed dried, canned or frozen. The advantage of canned mushroom is that they have fairly long shelf life and can be sold even at far off places. Canned mushrooms are also used to meet the demand in the off-season and in the non-producing areas.

Further, this process inactivates micro-organisms and removes the air from raw-materials in order to achieve a satisfactory uniform pack. The growth of this industry is majorly driven by the new product introductions. Currently, largest importer of canned mushrooms is Germany that is followed by Russian Federation, USA and Japan. Whereas, China is considered to be the largest producer and consumer of the product in the world. However, shifting consumer’s interest towards fresh mushroom consumption will hamper the industry growth to some extent. It is noted that the canned mushroom contributes only 20% of total mushroom consumption.

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Top Key Players Covered in this report –

Grupo Riberebro, Prochamp, Bonduelle group, Monaghan Mushrooms Ireland, Muniraj Mushroom Farm, The Mushroom Company, Monterey Mushrooms, Okechamp S.A., Greenyard Foods (Lutece Holdings B.V.), Green Giant, Others

Based on types, the Canned Mushroom market is segmented into

Morel Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, Button Mushroom, Others (Crimino, Portabello),

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Benefits of Report-

  • The Global Canned Mushroom Market research report presents a unique guidance in providing thoughtful insights regarding the latest updates, shortcomings, and the worthwhile industry opportunities emerging in the market
  • The report likewise includes the business size, income, market share, and growth factor analysis
  • The report ends with the analyst’s recommendations and profiling of the leading players operating in the canned mushroom market, their product offerings, financial performance, investment feasibility and returns, and the growth status and forecasts
  • The research report has an abundance of data that can profit anybody, regardless of business profile or academic interest.

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