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Can The Bioenergy Code Balance Your Energy Centers? Review


Many people don’t believe when I tell them The Bioenergy Code has something to do with the bioenergy centers or ‘chakras’ that exist in our bodies.

For many years, people were not believing the concept of these bioenergy centers. However, recent scientific studies proved the existence of these energy points, and scientists also agree that these energy centers need to be balanced.

Many people are suffering in their personal and professional life because their energy centers are not popularly balanced. For some people, their energy points are underactive, and for some, they are overactive. However, the key to lead a happy, fulfilling, and successful life is to balance these energy points, and this is where The Bioenergy Code comes to help.

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Introduction The Bioenergy Code:

The Bioenergy Code is the audio program that needs only 30 minutes a day to activate and balance these energy centers. It may sound fake to you, but all bioenergy methods are research-based and proven by science. People start trusting these methods once they start using them.

The Bioenergy Code is a digital program available only on its official website, i.e., bioenergycode.com.

The Bioenergy Code uses healing frequencies to flip the bioenergy switch to achieve positivity and manifest all good things in their lives. Angela Carter is the meditation and manifestation expert who created this program.

The Bioenergy Code eliminates negative energy from your mind because as long as these restricting energies remain in your mind, you will continue to have a negative mindset.

To get the maximum benefits from this program, you need to use the headphone and listen to the bioenergy audio track for 30 minutes in the morning. These frequencies fill your body with positive energy, and you will not get negative thoughts in the whole day.

You will achieve your big goals and manifest your dreams if you have a series of positive days, and The Bioenergy Code can help you with that.

Who Can Get Benefits From The Bioenergy Code?

I believe The Bioenergy Code can help a lot of people. It can help anyone who:

  • Always get meaningless thoughts and want to calm down the mind
  • Wants to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feels they lack focus and clarity towards their goal
  • Wants to decrease tension and fatigue
  • Likes to improve their mood while reducing the feeling of anger
  • Wants to discover the real purpose of their life
  • Desires a peaceful night sleep

However, The Bioenergy Code will not work for those people who will approach it with a closed mind.

Even the concept of energy centers (aka chakras) is proven by science, but still, many people don’t believe this concept. If you don’t believe that balancing seven chakras in your body can bring real tangible things into your life, The Bioenergy Code will not work for you.

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How Does The Bioenergy Code Really Work?


The Bioenergy Code works in nine phases. Here’s is a brief explanation about them:

Phase 1 “Welcome To Energy” – It is a phase that will use 432 Hz frequency, also known as God frequency because it has pure nature sounds. This phase of The Bioenergy Code will connect your mind, soul, and body with the natural sounds to activate bioenergy centers in the body.

Phase 2 “Foundational Energy” – This phase works on the Root Chakra associated with the feeling of safety and security. The main objective of this phase is to remove energy blockage so that you can feel grounded, secure, and in peace with the universe.

Phase 3 “Relational Energy” – It works on the second chakra point, called Sacral Chakra, that controls creativity and emotions about others. The Bioenergy Code uses sound therapy to balance this chakra so that you can feel confidence, warmth, and generosity.

Phase 4 “Personal Power Energy” – This phase works on the Solar Plexus chakra that is the source of your power, self-esteem, and the power of transformation. The Bioenergy Code uses brainwaves to balance this energy point so that you can feel confident, self-motivated, and can transform yourself.

Phase 5 “Heart Energy” – This phase works on the most important chakra point, Heart Chakra. This chakra point is located right in the center of the body, and it connects three upper chakra points with three below chakra points. Heart Chakra controls the love that runs throughout your life. The Bioenergy Code balances this chakra point to feel unconditional love not only for yourself but also for others.

Phase 6 “Expression Energy” – This phase works on the throat chakra, which controls the ability, to tell the truth to yourself. This The Bioenergy Code phase works on balancing the throat chakra that restores your communication between yourself and others. In this way, you will get more clarity and positivity towards your thinking.

Phase 7 “Intuition Energy” – This phase works on the third eye chakra located on the center of your head, and it is linked with awareness and communication between your spiritual self. The Bioenergy Code uses brainwave frequencies to balance this chakra point to deepen your spiritual connection.

Phase 8 “Oneness Energy” — This phase works on the Crown Chakra, which is the most spiritual than all other chakras. This chakra is on the top of the head and controls wisdom and spirit. This energy center is closest to the universe, and for this reason, The Bioenergy Code balances it to create a deeper connection between your higher self and the divine.

Phase 9 “Power Extension” – This final phase of The Bioenergy Code works on releasing your visualizing while holding the emotional energy so that you will come back to your concise life and feel peace and love.

Who Is The Author Of The Bioenergy Code:

Angela Carter is a meditation expert, but before meditation came into her life, she struggled with her divorce’s bad memories. She tried many methods to eliminate these emotions, but they keep on coming back.

She decided to visit Nepal to see beautiful nature, water, monks, and elephants to calm her mind. On her visit to Nepal, she stopped at Kathmandu, where she talked with a kind person, Anthony.

Anthony asked just three questions from Angela to understand what was affecting her inside. After finding the problem, Anthony explained to Angela about the energy centers and how anyone can balance them by listening to the sounds of nature.

With nothing to lose, Angela listened to these sound frequencies, and it transformed the way she was looking towards her life. It also brings soul-soothing peace in her life and all other external manifestations like money, success, dream car, etc.

Angela decided to share this audio track with other people to live a happy, peaceful, fulfilling life. Angela is charging $37 for The Bioenergy Code, and she is donating a portion of this money to the ‘Save The Elephants’ organization.

What You Will Get Inside The Bioenergy Code Program?

The Bioenergy Code is a digital program that you can access by paying a one-time cost of $37. In this program, you’ll get:

Bioenergy Code Manual: As per the official site, you’ll learn everything about seven energy centers in this book. This 157-page guide teaches you how these chakras get blocked and how to activate them and balance them to experience a positive change in your life.

5-Minute Bioenergy Healing: Sometimes, it isn’t easy to arrange 30 minutes from the busy schedule. This 5-minute healing audio track is for people who don’t want to use a 30-minute audio track every day.

Bioenergy Code Decoded: The Bioenergy Code activates and balances chakra points in the body. With the help of this bonus guide, you will learn how to keep your chakra point balanced by keeping negative energies away from your life.

The Heart Energy Activator: This bonus track of The Bioenergy Code uses the golden frequency to unlock the blockage from your heart chakra. The heart chakra is the most important energy center in the body because it connects the upper three chakras with the three bottom chakra points.

Angela Carter is offering all these above bonuses along with a 30-minute audio track for the one-time payment of $37. Moreover, Angela is so confident in The Bioenergy Code that she is offering 365 days money-back guarantee.

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What Kind Of Benefits Can You Expect From The Bioenergy Code?

Here are some of the benefits you can get from this program:

Improves Self-Confidence: The Bioenergy Code balances Sacral Chakra in the body, which is associated with self-confidence. It can balance the sacral chakra that will enhance your confidence in yourself.

Improves Cognitive Abilities: A scientific study suggests that people who listen to Golden frequencies can perform their tasks with clarity and focus than those who don’t. It is because brainwave frequencies clear up toxic plaque buildup in the brain and reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Eliminates Fear and Self-doubts: Fear and self-doubts are troubling voices that hold you back from grabbing opportunities. There are many ways to overcome these negative voices, but one of the best ways is listening to the bioenergy audio track that changes the thinking pattern and eliminates these voices.

Balances Your Chakra Points: The main benefit of The Bioenergy Code is to balance your energy centers. It is one of the easiest methods to balance your energy points. All you need to do is listen to this 30-minute audio track every morning.

Improves Healing Abilities: The Bioenergy Code triggers genetic changes in the body with its high-frequency audio tracks. Research shows that while low vibrational frequencies harm the body, high vibrational frequency improves the body’s healing ability.

Removes Negative Feelings: The Bioenergy Code contains frequencies known to eliminate all negativity from the body. It brings change and gives a new beginning to life.

Strengthens Relationship: With positive thinking in your mind, you will be able to handle relationship problems in a better way. It brings harmony to your relationship with your family, friends, and life partner.

If you want to find out more benefits of this program, I suggest you to read this review.

Pros And Cons Of The Bioenergy Code:

Other than the benefits mentioned above, The Bioenergy Code program has some strong points and some weak points:


  • The Bioenergy Code has an easy-to-use 30-minutes audio track
  • No visualization exercises
  • It provides immediate access
  • Valuable bonuses
  • It contains a book that explains everything about energy centers in the body
  • Customers can ask questions from Angela through email
  • The Bioenergy Code comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t provide an option to buy CDs or hard copies of the manual
  • Little information is available about Angela Carter on the internet
  • Regular use is necessary for results

Pricing, Refund Policy, And Where To Get

The Bioenergy Code is a digital program, and it is available at a one-time cost of $37. As this is a digital program, you will have to pay no shipping charges, and you will also get immediate access to the program.

Angela Carter is offering a 365-day money-back guarantee because she knows anyone who listens to this audio track will see a positive transformation in their life. These 365 days are enough to test this audio track, and if you don’t see any change in your life, you can simply email Angela, and she will refund you full money within 24-48 hours.

The Bioenergy Code is available only on its official website, and Angela has not authorized any site or store to sell this program. If you find it elsewhere other than the official website, it may be fake. Moreover, you will get a money-back guarantee only if you purchase The Bioenergy Code from its official website.

Once you access the members’ area, you can download these audio tracks to your computer or smartphone so that you can access them anytime and anywhere. I experience some good changes in my thinking once I start utilizing them in the morning before breakfast.

What Are Customers Saying About The Bioenergy Code?

Many users noticed positive changes in their life even if they don’t manifest thousands of dollars with it. One user, Dr. Allen from Salinas, CA, noticed he started feeling lighter after listening to the audio track. According to him, it is like a heavy burden lifted from his shoulders.

Allen believes that this audio track can significantly help those who have problems with sleeping.

Another user, Jennifer from Orlando, mentioned The Bioenergy Code helped her find the true purpose of her life. She was in the wrong career, but after listening to these audio tracks, she was finally able to switch her career, and now she is getting a culinary arts degree.

The Bioenergy Code Review – Final Few Words:


We can achieve a lot from our life with the help of the energetic alignment of the chakras.

Many people may have heard the word ‘chakra,’ but most don’t know these chakras work as ‘energy centers’ in the body. If they are unbalanced, your physical and mental health will get unbalance as well, and you can experience depression, anxiety, and even sleep problems.

So what is the best and easy way to balance these chakra points?

The Bioenergy Code contains a 30-minute audio track to unblock and balance these chakra points in the body. You can listen to this audio track individually or with your life partner to strengthen the relationship, create deep emotional levels, improve communication, experience inner peace, reduce depression, and create balance with your inner-self and the world.

You will also get a Bioenergy Code manual to improve your knowledge about chakras and the benefits you can get by activating and balancing them.

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