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Bookmark Introduces AiDA: An Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant for Websites

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TORONTO, December 7th, 2021 — Bookmark ( is the world’s first and fastest Ai-powered website builder. By building revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithms over the past six years, their proprietary technology AiDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant) is now available for anyone who needs a website or online store.

AiDA analyzes the information provided about the user’s business, goals and preferences, and then builds a brand new website in minutes right in front of their eyes. Once a unique website has been created, Bookmark’s drag-and-drop editor allows the user to easily make all of the necessary edits to customize their website. Websites are also automatically optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. “AiDA is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology made to level the digital playing field for all small business owners” said David Kosmayer, Founder and CEO of Bookmark.

After a website is published, AiDA also tracks the visitor interactions and website analytics. This data is used to provide each website with a unique Visitor Experience Score (VXS). When a website has a high VXS, the more likely it is to convert regular visitors into happy customers. After AiDA establishes a VXS by tracking key data points and analytics (such as scroll depth, bounce rate, time on site, and more), each user is sent a bi-weekly AiDA Suggestion. The user has the choice to accept or decline the suggestion. When a suggestion is accepted, the change is automatically implemented on their website with no coding required. On average, each user’s VXS is raised by 7% after accepting one suggestion, and when a user accepts 5 more suggestions, their VXS is increased by 20%. This allows users to spend time doing what matters most: building and running their business, not their website.


Most website builders begin with a one-size-fits-all approach. The user is forced to choose a static template and they are expected to be a designer, coder, expert and more. Bookmark on the other hand is an Ai-powered website solution that is meant to continually evolve websites as the user grows their business and/or brand.

The future of web design and eCommerce is here, and it’s an auto-optimizing and evolving platform which removes the guesswork around what it takes to build a highly engaging website. Using Bookmark’s machine learning capabilities, AiDA is the next step in the world of website design and eCommerce.


Founded in 2016, Bookmark is an automated website building platform. After answering a few questions, AIDA, an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant, creates a brand new website in front of the user’s eyes. The platform will then use specific business goals and data to make predictions that will improve visitor conversion rates, helping all business owners, brands and professionals reach the success they deserve.


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Nicole Kosmayer
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

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