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Blayoo: New Social Platform for Content Creators, Launching November 2021

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Social platforms are a great way to interact with individuals all around the globe. The pandemic left everyone home prisoned, but thanks to the advancement in the technological world, individuals still stayed connected and grew closer than ever before. Social media platforms grew more than ever in this period, and many platforms were one of the good things the pandemic gave us, an upcoming name is Blayoo.

Blayoo is a social media site that lets its users have content according to their liking and gives everyone worldwide a great chance to create content and create a loyal fanbase. The platform offers a way of earning for its reliable and dedicated content creators and lets users get points and rewards for watching their favourite content. A platform that rewards you for doing what you like.

Upcoming Launch

Blayoo is all set to launch this November of 2021. However, content creators are advised to connect with them before that to start working on the potential content they will be creating for the platform. The developers and makers neatly crafted the social media site to benefit everyone involved and maybe be a game-changer in the social media circle. The platform offers attractive compensation to its creators and values them too.

Why is Blayoo different?

Blayoo is a platform that is bound to grow. Tons of features make Blayoo stand out from the rest and will make it an excellent choice for you to earn a living.

Earning opportunity

One of the most significant downsides of content creation is seeing your hard work underappreciated and not compensated for; unfortunately, not every creator out there has free time to invest in quality content and have a full-time job. That is one of the reasons many talented individuals end up not creating content because they can’t afford to spend their time on it, but Blayoo keeps this in mind.

Blayoo allows everyone out there to not only create content but be compensated in the right way. The platform offers almost all of its revenue to the original creator, unlike many other platforms that engulf the more significant part of the creator’s hard-earned income. 

Huge potential

The platform is aimed to grow a lot in the coming years. A rough estimate by the forum is that by the end of 2025, thousands of content creators will have earned over one million dollars through making content simply by monetizing their accounts. However, to monetize your account, you need at least 10,000 followers and significant engagement with the audience.

Devoid of fake marketing

We all have witnessed how tremendous and sincere websites have gone downhill because they gave up their core values. Many sites have started relying on fake reviews and fake digital marketing, which has completely ruined the concept of appreciated quality content. However, at Blayoo, fakeness and cybercrime are kept in mind while designing the safety system. This ensures a safe and accessible environment for its users and its content creators.

Safe space

Blayoo is aimed at being a safe space for all its users. Blayoo ensures security concerns and aims at making every content consumer more at ease by displaying the content they are interested in watching. This makes Blayoo a great platform to relish the content you love. 

Valued creators

Blayoo is a platform that aims to treasure its content creatures. Blayoo values the creator’s ideas, time, and hours to come up with ideas, brainstorm, plan, and get it done. Unlike other platforms, it compensates the creatures for their work correctly and gives them many other opportunities.

In Blayoo, not only is the platform sincere towards its users and content creators, but it also creates such an interaction between both the parties, which ensures a healthy, productive, and loyal community of individuals.

Amazing reward system

Another great benefit of this platform is its excellent reward system. The consumers for all the content they enjoy and watch are rewarded in points and tokens. This ensures a rewarding scheme for not only the creators of the platforms but also the users. 

Best engagement features

Furthermore, the platform has many great features that ensure maximum interaction between the creators and the audience. There are options of posting various content and text, posting live feeds and even engaging through comments, likes and shares. Blayoo is a great platform to go to if you want to work and earn as a content creator or have a rewarding leisure time. 

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