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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Reviews – Scam or Does Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Really Work?

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is a personal cooling unit that employs evaporative technology to lower a small space’s temperature. Extraordinarily little maintenance is required, and it just needs to be placed near an open window to improve air circulation.

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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Reviews

What is the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra?

Summertime is once again getting close. Though the world has not entirely healed from the events of 2020, it is clear that the sear will be much different. Theme parks are opening, restrictions are starting to be lifted, and worldwide efforts are being made to improve everyone’s health and safety. Still, the warm weather can get the best of any person, and having a way to cool down can take a little more of the stress off. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra aims to be exactly what users need through these warm months.

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra has multiple functions, allowing the user to activate the cooling capabilities as easily as possible to humidify the air or just as a fan. Rather than filling up with water or chills the coils as other units require it, this device comes with an ice tray that instantly sets the user’s temperature. It is one of the easiest products to use on the market today, only taking about 30 seconds to make a toasty area into a relaxingly cool refuge.

It already has many positive reviews online as customers praise the high-quality machine with incredible speed. The cooling it provides is consistent, even when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Many people don’t even have air conditioning in their homes right now, but a few of these units could be enough to make a difference. There are three different fan speeds that consumers can choose from to get the optimal airflow that they personally prefer.

The device is incredibly compact and lightweight, which lets the user bring it from one place to another without an outlet. It even has a handle for easy transportation. Users that want to connect it to a power source will only need to plug in the included USB cable.

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About Blast Auxiliary

Blast Auxiliary has been around for quite some time, as mentioned in Globe Newswire for developing various gadgets for the home to make everyday living a bit simpler and easier. They have a small social media presence, though they are growing each day.

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is just one of the more recent products that they have released. They have become one of the most popular brands for personal cooling and comfort in your home. They are responsible for launching scented bags with activated charcoal, touchless thermometers, personal AC coolers that can hang around the neck, and even portable heating units. Their goal is to help consumers live the best life that they can in the epitome of comfort.

How Does the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Work?

The key to the success of this portable desktop AC product is how it cools the room. Other portable air conditioning units often only provide air circulation, or they end up taking over an entire window with hoses and other connections. If those are the types of setup that a consumer wants, then the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra won’t hit the mark.

Instead, there is no filtering or water basin. Water can be poured directly into this product, and the device is even set up to pour the water easily. This water allows users to slowly introduce moisture into the air, preventing their eyes, skin, and nasal passages from slowly drying (which is a common problem with other AC units that do not offer humidifying benefits).

Still, that is not why this product provides more coolness than other coolers on the market today. Along the bottom, users will find that this device includes an ice tray. The air is blown over this ice tray, creating coolness that most people only find in extremely chilly regions. Consumers that want to have fast cooling without the ice tray can soak the water curtain with water and place it back in the device. Plus, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra includes a misting feature for humidifying benefits.

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Purchasing the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

Since there are so many different types of desktop air conditioning units nowadays, consumers need to make sure they are on the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra’s official website before purchasing. Ordinarily, one of these coolers would cost $138.45. However, the price has been drastically lowered for a limited time, add users are even able to check out with a PayPal processing system.

Right now, consumers can choose from:

  • $89.99 for one Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra
  • $179.98 for two Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultras
  • $202.48 for three Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultras
  • $247.47 for four Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultras

Users will be charged a shipping fee for whichever package they choose, though it may vary by several dollars (based on the quantity ordered).

If the user finds that the cooler does not provide them with the help they need during these warmer months, the creators offer a full return or replacement for the first 30 days.

Final Verdict on Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra promotes a cooler area for any person who doesn’t want to deal with the extreme heat that comes with summer in any country. It provides humidity to reduce the risk of dryness, but it also uses an ice tray to circulate extremely cold air. While it does not include a temperature gauge users can control the fan speed.

There is no subscription required for daily upkeep, and users don’t even have to change out the water curtain for at least three months after the purchase is made. Since it connects to a power source with a USB cord, users never have to worry about running out of power when temperatures start to climb above 90 degrees. Significant Savings on The Latest Discount Bundles for Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

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