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Black Latte UAE Review – Dubai 

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There are many positive Black Latte UAE reviews from customers that have used the product. You can check the price, and buy Black Latte in Dubai, or any other city in UAE directly from the manufacturers website, with delivery options available throughout UAE. Many people worldwide are now using Black Latte for weight loss.  Black Latte is one of the supplements that has revolutionized the market the most because of the innovative way in which it promises its users that anyone of any age can burn fat with its coffee-flavored shake.

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What is Black Latte and what is it for?

Black Latte is a dietary supplement in the form of a weight loss drink that is enriched with activated charcoal.

Black Latte may remind you at first glance of common Italian coffee, both in appearance and taste.

The product promises to contribute to the absorption of fatty acids, stimulate the detoxification process of the organism and thereby satiate and regulate appetite and provide more energy.

It also helps to eliminate excess water from the body (fluid retention), one of the main causes of the feeling of swelling throughout the body.

If so, this is a new way of taking supplements, although it is not the only one on the market that facilitates the incorporation of the “fat burning” effect in the daily diet.

The purpose of the product is that a shake prepared with it can be a complete and satiating meal. And in theory, its formula has been studied and developed with the aim of improving health, reducing appetite and aiding weight loss in an easy and convenient way.

How is Black Latte used?

All you have to do is take an envelope of Black Latte and dilute it in a cup or glass of hot water. Accompany your breakfast with a cup of Black Latte every day for optimal results. Black Latte has a pleasant taste, similar to that of coffee with milk, so it will be easy to include it in your breakfast.

Black Latte UAE Price

The Black Latte UAE price is 220 AED

The normal price is 440 AED, but right now they are having a 50% off promotion!

Black Latte Benefits

Properties and benefits

Using Black Latte will bring effective weight loss and many uses as follows:

  • Lose excess fat even without exercising.
  • Reduce cravings for snacks and sweets.
  • Avoid the accumulation of fat.
  • It favors the conversion of nutrients into energy, thus avoiding the accumulation of fats.
  • Provides vitamins to help the body stay healthy, not tired during weight loss.
  • Helps to beautify, provide smooth and youthful skin to users.
  • Reduce stress, tension and psychological problems for overweight people

According to the brand, one of the main benefits of Black Latte is that it is not necessary to change diet or do physical exercise, although this is never recommended from a health point of view.

Its fast, easy and comfortable use makes it a way to improve health in general, although in the team we doubt a little about it.

What is certain is the composition of its ingredients, which we will list below, and that they are natural.

One of the main promises of Black Latte is its accumulative capacity.

That is to say, fat burning should continue thanks to its thermogenic effect even when the process is finished, but making sure that the weight never falls below the normal or recommended weight.

  • Delicious coffee with milk flavor so you can incorporate it into your breakfast 
  • It has properties that help you feel satiated for longer 
  • It’s easy to take 
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to help you look and feel better 

Among the composition of Black Latte, we find some of the following ingredients:

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Black Latte Ingredients

   L-Carnitine: is a type of amino acid that helps burn fat and increases energy levels by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are burned and used as fuel.

Well, let’s start by saying that the body can use stored sugars or fats to get the energy it needs to function. Understanding the physiological processes that regulate the use of one or the other as an energy source has been the object of study for science for many years.

As a result of these investigations, it has been concluded that l-carnitine plays a very important role in this process, since it is capable of stimulating the conversion of fat into energy by muscle tissue, while inhibiting the use of sugars. .

In a study whose results were recently published in “The Journal of Physiology”, Wall and colleagues were able to establish for the first time that the amount of muscle carnitine can be increased when a food supplement that provides carnitine is ingested.

In other words, by taking a l-carnitine supplement , the amount of this substance in the muscle increases and in this way, the muscle tissue is able to transform more fat into energy, instead of using sugars.

It is for this reason that Black Latte has included this important amino acid in its exclusive formula.

In addition, if you exercise , carnitine will have another flattering effect (also proven by science ): during physical activity, muscles that have more carnitine use less sugar to function, and therefore produce less lactic acid.

Lactic Acid is the substance responsible for muscle “fatigue”. If your muscles have more carnitine, they tire less and therefore you can exercise more, which is undoubtedly an advantage if you want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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    Activated Charcoal: is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body and expel them so they are not absorbed back into the body. It can also help improve kidney function by reducing waste and lowering cholesterol levels if used properly.

A research has found that the intake of activated carbon is able to reduce cholesterol absorption and trigliéridos (two types of fat) in the intestine. The study was carried out in rats; It may cause the same effect in humans, although more studies are needed.

Ingesting activated charcoal appears to increase the excretion of bile acids into the intestine. These bile acids bind to cholesterol and triglycerides that come from food and prevent their absorption into the bloodstream.

In other words, activated charcoal could prevent the fats you eat from entering your body. That is why activated charcoal is one of the ingredients present in the Black Latte formula.

    Coconut Milk: Coconut milk can support immune system development and disease prevention. It also hydrates and helps the organs in charge of digestion (liver and kidneys) to function properly.

Coconut is a popular fruit in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. The endosperm (the pulp and coconut water) are processed to obtain different derived products.

Coconut products are generally rich in phenolic compounds with significant antioxidant activity. They also contain medium chain fatty acids, which, if provided in the form of a nutritional supplement, are capable of reducing the waistline, as you can read in this report in English .

It is for this reason that Black Latte has included coconut milk in its formula.

    Omega 3: is a key nutrient for the overall well-being of the body that reduces the risk of heart disease. The levels of Omega 3 present in our body are responsible for reducing appetite, the sensation of hunger and can accelerate the metabolism.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to provide important health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish are able to improve cardiovascular health and can also help control weight.

But since the body is not very efficient when it comes to obtaining omega 3 fatty acids directly from fish, the contribution in food supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids derived from fish and its by-products can be very important.

Black Latte Side Effects

Are there any contraindications or side effects?

Black Latte is made with all natural ingredients, so when used as directed there should be no side effects. Actually one side effect would be losing weight!

Black Latte should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers without first consulting a doctor, and, obviously, people allergic to any of the product’s ingredients are also advised against consuming it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when is Black Latte taken?

The procedure to drink Black Latte is as follows:

    Put 2 teaspoons of the product (~13 grams) in a glass or cup and pour over 200 ml of hot water.

    Mix well until it is completely dissolved.

    Drink in its entirety.

The company specifies that the ideal is to use it to accompany breakfast for the energy it should provide you throughout the day. Its taste is not bad, it is very similar to coffee with milk but a little darker.

Black Latte UAE – Review From Users

Below are some reviews from people in UAE that have been using Black Latte. For the most part people have given Black Latte a good review, so it seems like it has been well received.



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“I lost 12 kilos after a month, another 8 in two months, now I’m finishing my second Black Latte course. I think that by the end of this course total weight loss will be about 25 kilos. I guess this is a great result for less than three months. Don’t believe this nonsense that you can’t lose weight without a diet.” 

“I completely renewed my wardrobe, but most importantly, I got a new boyfriend!”  Aliaya  30yrs old, Sharjah

“I can fit into the jeans which I used to wear before the first pregnancy!”  Madiha  30yrs old, El Ain

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“Scale can’t be deceived: minus 18 kilos!”  Khadiga, 34yrs old, Dubai

How To Buy Black Latte

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The purchase procedure is very simple. All you have to do is indicate your name and phone number on the official Black Latte website.

An agent will contact you to register your request, your personal details, the shipping address and to agree on a method of payment. In a few days you can start your new lifestyle, with the invaluable help of Black Latte.


In conclusion, we can say that Black Latte is a product that can help you stay in shape thanks to the exclusive natural extracts included in its formula, which have a clear impact on fat metabolism.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, include a cup of Black Latte with your breakfast to start feeling better in no time. Staying in shape is now easier, with the help of Black Latte.

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Buy Black Latte in Dubai – UAE

To buy Black Latte in Dubai, or any other city in UAE, click the link below to visit their official website:

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