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Black Friday Nootropics Deals: How to Buy Modafinil Profitably?

Black Friday is so popular because it’s the traditional kickoff day for the holiday shopping season. Every year, this event dominates the news & breaks new sales records. The great news is that the Black Friday deals are certainly worth all the hype. Almost everything you can imagine goes on sale in some capacity. In this guide, we’ll talk about nootropics, reveal the best one on the market, & explore how to buy it profitably on Black Friday.


What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” are medicines, supplements, & other substances used to ameliorate cognitive function, particularly executive functions, concentration, creativity, memory, or motivation, in healthy individuals. There are 2 major types of “smart drugs”: prescription and nonprescription. Prescription nootropics are drugs designed to treat some health conditions like narcolepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Some of them are as follows:

  • modafinil (Provigil);
  • amphetamine (Adderall);
  • methylphenidate (Ritalin);
  • memantine (Axura).

Like any prescription meds, this type of nootropics may carry risks of negative effects & interactions, & they shouldn’t be used without a physician’s prescription.

Nonprescription, or over-the-counter (OTC), nootropics aren’t approved to treat disorders/diseases but have some effects on mental function. This type of “smart drugs” includes natural substances and synthetic supplements that don’t require a prescription to use. Some of the most popular dietary supplements are Qualia Mind, Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, Gorilla Mind Rush, and Noopept. Natural nootropics include caffeine (great for mental focus), L-theanine (enhances alpha waves for a relaxed yet alert mental state), omega-3 fatty acids (fight against brain aging + repair & renew brain cells [1]), ginkgo biloba (ameliorates brain function [2]), Rhodiola rosea (boosts cognitive abilities and has a positive effect on mood [3]), creatine (enhances exercise performance & is good for short-term memory and reasoning [4]), among others.

Because of the lack of research on the effects of nootropic supplements on cognition, modafinil, a well-researched, super safe, & effective prescription nootropic, is considered the best cognitive enhancer that really works. Many healthy individuals from all walks of life use it for its amazing cognitive benefits and find it extremely effective. Let’s get to know more about this product.


Why Is Modafinil So Popular?

Modafinil is a wake-promoting medicine designed to treat people suffering from certain sleep disorders. However, today it’s commonly used off-label to improve cognitive function and ultimately boost productivity. Although modafinil’s mode of action is not fully understood, it is known to stimulate some neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, histamine, dopamine, & orexin systems in the brain [5]. By heightening the histamine levels, it gives a sense of absolute alertness & intensified vigilance for up to 12+ hours. Inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine in the brain and increasing its concentrations lead to a profound effect on cognition. At well-tolerated doses, modafinil heightens function in several cognitive domains, including episodic & working memory, + other processes dependent on the prefrontal cortex & cognitive control [6].

To certify its popularity, researchers at Harvard & Oxford universities dubbed it “the world’s first safe ‘smart tab’” after performing a comprehensive review of the med [7]. It’s indeed safe and well-tolerated if used correctly, and it offers fantastic cognitive effects without causing serious side effects common with other potent stimulants. It enhances decision-making, planning, & problem-solving safely and effectively. The drug also ameliorates attention, improves learning, & enhances “fluid intelligence” – the ability to solve problems & think creatively.

Students (when underperformance is likely), employees (when work demands are high), military personnel (to combat fatigue), and CEOs, among other professionals, use modafinil to achieve their needs. Besides, this nootropic is popular with celebrities. Famous people who’ve used modafinil include Joe Rogan (an outspoken proponent of nootropics), Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, etc. Overall, it can be used by anyone who desires to work late, heighten their cognitive abilities, boost productivity, or brighten their mood without the fear of experiencing severe side effects.


Modafinil Brands & Cost

Provigil® is a brand-name version of modafinil made by Cephalon. It’s extremely expensive, and not everybody can afford it. According to, a supply of 30 tabs of Provigil 100 mg costs around $1,363 ($45.43 per pill). The same number of pills of Provigil 200 mg is priced at $2,054.49 ($68.48 per tab) [8].

The good news is that various modafinil generics are available on the market. These meds are as safe and effective as the branded counterpart but are much cheaper. Popular generic modafinil brands are Modavinil, Modawake, Modvigil, Modaheal, Modafresh, Vilafinil, Provake, Modafil MD, etc. They are made by reliable Indian pharmaceutical companies and are of high quality.

These generic versions are easily accessible online, and most e-pharmacies sell them for as low as $2.99 per tab. This Black Friday you can save even more by using special deals, discounts, & coupon codes from modafinil vendors.


How & Where to Get the Best Black Friday Nootropic Deals?

On Black Friday, e-pharmacies offer massive discounts on products for the shoppers to save more on their purchases. If you need modafinil on this day with a purpose to save a lot of money, it’s prudent to use discounts & coupon codes offered by online drugstores. First of all, it’s great to do your own research to find a legit, reliable vendor with awesome price-reducing experiences before Black Friday if you’re hoping to scoop up a deal on a big-ticket nootropic during this season’s sales.

Black Friday only takes place once a year (every fourth Friday of November). This year’s discounts are bigger than they’ve ever been, and certainly, you don’t desire to miss out. All you need to do is find a trustworthy vendor, target the date set for the event, & make purchases before products run out of stock. Follow the link to read the guide discussing insanely great e-pharmacies that offer whopping price-reducing experiences on modafinil generic meds. The discussed vendors promote Black Friday with the best deals + free shipping to please their shoppers who wait the whole year to get the desired pills at discounted prices. Black Friday is indeed a huge event that provides the opportunity to save a lot of cash on modafinil purchases.



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