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Best Home Warranty Companies Of 2021

Best Home Warranty Companies in 2021

Home warranty experts has provided unbiased and reliable reviews for homeowners looking for honest opinions of warranty companies for years now. They announced their annual list of the best home warranty companies for this year, 2021, with justification for their choices of the best comprehensive home warranty, best service, and the company with the best add-ons. The list has provided great relief for customers who were unsure about which home warranty company to choose to secure their homes.

Home warranty contracts help homeowners cover the cost of repair and maintenance of their houses, home appliances, and inbuilt systems that tend to breakdown or fail, like the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The average American spends around 1-4% of their home’s value every year for maintenance, which can go up to $2000 to $8000 easily.

Having a home warranty company can help customers cover emergency costs when impromptu breakdowns start to happen, especially in the bleak winter seasons. Many home warranty companies also arrange for repair services themselves so that the situation is handled without much effort from the customer’s side.

The biggest problem the average citizen faces is to choose between the numerous home warranty companies that are out there today. has been through tens of thousands of customer testimonials and assessments to determine the best home warranty companies of 2021, categorizing them according to varying customer needs.

Best Home Warranty Company of 2021

Best Overall: Choice Home Warranty

Best Service: Select Home Warranty

Best Add-Ons: First American Home Warranty


Best Overall: Choice Home Warranty

With over fifteen thousand professionals working across the country under their wing, Choice Home Warranty took home the much-coveted status of the overall best home warranty company according to expert home warranty reviews. The following qualities are surely what earned them this title:

  • Quick response time within two days.
  • Coverage irrespective of the house or appliance age.
  • Free cancellation within one month
  • Availability across forty states.

Choice Home Warranty catapulted to the top tier status amongst home warranty companies because of how they prioritize customers’ convenience over all else. With a lightning-fast response time within forty-eight hours, Choice Home Warranty has proved time and time again that their services are guaranteed to take care of the customer’s home, no matter what the situation is.

Many home warranty companies look for reasons to deny the customers of their claims, unlike Choice Home Warranty, which prioritizes the customer’s contingencies – this is why they never deny coverage based on reasons like the age of the house or how old the systems are. They understand the fact that there will be a natural need for more maintenance work as any house or system ages and helps customers deal with old houses and creaky appliances.

Choice Home Warranty also services a whopping forty-eight states in the United States, except California and Washington.

Choice Home Warranty offers two types of plans with varying costs – the basic plan will cost $41.69 while the total plan will cost just nine dollars etc., priced at $50. This is extremely affordable compared to the thousands of dollars that the average American is forced to spend on home repairs every year, especially now that climate change is wreaking havoc across the northern and coastal states of the country.

Even the service fee that Choice Home Warranty charges is affordable, priced at $85, which is on the lower end compared to how much other home warranty companies charge.

The Basic plan according to provides customers with the coverage of basic systems and appliances like dishwashers, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and ovens. It does not cover air conditioning, fridges, washing machines, and dryers. For those who have separate maintenance contracts for these appliances, the Basic Plan offered by Choice Home Warranty will be sufficient.

The complete plan, however, covers a total of eighteen systems and appliances, including the services excluded by the basic plan. Once the total plan has been purchased, there will not be any need to rely on any other service provider to cover the maintenance charges because it includes almost every appliance that the average American household uses.

Choice Home Warranty also provides optional add-ons, like many other home warranty companies, which costs extra but provides express protection for stand-alone appliances. With additional coverage for up to ten systems, including freezers, vacuums, pumps and septic tanks, the add-ons ensure that everything that can possibly go wrong with the home will be taken care of without much hassle.

With a generous ninety-day repair guarantee and local pre-screened technicians, inevitable breakdowns are handled with grace by Choice Home Warranty around the clock, which is why it has earned the best overall award amongst all home warranty companies that serve the country today. More about choice home warranty services at


Best Service: Select Home Warranty

With over eight years in the industry, Select Home Warranty ranked the highest in terms of the quality of service offered. Some customers admitted to saving $150 thanks to the generous offers made by Select Home Warranty. The company’s customers enjoy the following perks:

  • Additional and optional coverage for septic system repair.
  • Free coverage for leaking roofs
  • Two free months of coverage for new customers on signing up.
  • Discounts on multi-year coverage plans.
  • Services forty-six states, except New York, Washington, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

Select Home Warranty secured the mantle of best service by showing exceptional comprehension of the needs that customers of home warranty have in this day and age. Offering customers two free months of coverage when they register for their services has allowed many users to get past the bleak months of winter and associated home breakdowns with ease.

As one of the most affordable providers of home warranty in the country, Select Home Warranty has impressed its customers with its low service fee of sixty to seventy-five dollars, making it a top choice for homeowners who have a small budget.

Select Home Warranty has three plans with different pricing – the Gold Care and the Bronze Care plan are both priced at $41, while the Platinum Care plan offers additional perks at $6 etc., priced at $47.

The Gold Care Plan offered by Select Home Warranty comes with coverage for six major systems, including air conditioning, ventilation and heating (HVAC), plumbing, all the electrical linings and systems, geysers and water thermal regulators and ductwork. These are the areas that usually require maintenance work, especially during winters when frozen water can block and break pipings. Home warranty companies reviews have praised the convenience of this plan, which does not include any appliances because many homeowners have separate warranty cards for those machines that are store-bought.

The Bronze Care plan offered by Select Home Warranty comes with eight appliances extra, which are not provided in the Gold Care. These appliances include washing machines with dryers, garbage disposal systems, fridges, ovens, and other kitchen equipment like microwaves and cooktops. This is priced the same as the Gold Care Plan and can be chosen by homeowners who do not have separate warranty cards for these specific appliances.

The Platinum Care option provides complete protection over almost all systems that a household can have and is a combination of the bronze and gold care plans, plus some. Select Home Warranty also offers optional add-ons for households that have central vacuums, lawn sprinkler systems and swimming pools. Add-ons can also be purchased for stand-alone freezers, sump pumps, and well pumps if the home needs such requirements. A huge relief for customers of Select Home Warranty is the free roof leak coverage it offers for any plan, which can be of great help during hailstorms, cyclones, and similar natural disasters.

Select Home Warranty has been chosen as the best service provider because of the affordability of its warranty plans. Because the average cost of premiums in the home warranty industry is around fifty dollars, their offer of around $36-$38 can make a world of difference for small homeowners who are on a budget and do not require as much maintenance work as a luxurious house does.

The two free months of coverage they offer to new customers has gotten many households through the tough months of winter, according to user testimonials, as has the free leak coverage, which is a unique and generous offer compared to its competitors.

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Best Add-Ons: First American Home Warranty

With almost four decades of experience in providing home warranty services for the country, First American Home Warranty has been providing Americans with the lowest monthly premiums in the industry. First American Home Warranty secured the top position for best add-ons in the industry. Aside from their add-ons, First American Home Warranty customers also enjoy:

  • Around the clock customer care
  • No coverage cap on ductwork and air conditioning.
  • Coverage for improperly installed, modified or maintained systems
  • Availability in 34 states, except for Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

First American Home Warranty provides two plans – the Basic plan, which is priced at a reasonable rate of $32, and a more expensive premier plan, which will cost $46.50. The basic plan is the simplest option for homeowners who are on a budget since it covers eight appliances, including garbage disposal systems, dishwashers, microwaves and ovens, cooktops, fridges and washing machines. It even includes the rare coverage of trash compactors.

Paying extra for the premier plan will allow the coverage of eight more appliances like geysers, plumbing ductwork and electrical wirings. First American Home Warranty also covers central vacuum systems as a part of the premier plan, which is usually considered to be an expensive add-on in the industry. The catch here is that the premier plan does not cover air conditioning.

First American Home Warranty has been applauded by home warranty reviews for its great add-ons, which include air conditioning, extra fridges, pool equipment, well pumps, septic tank systems and spa equipment, the last one being a unique option that few other home warranty companies offer. They also offer first-class upgrades to existing equipment for homeowners who want to take their home to a new, luxurious level. They also provide HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) tune-ups which are required for old homes that have outdated HVAC systems and most probably will not last through the harsh months of winter. More about first American home warranty at

First American Home Warranty offers flexible payment options and transparent plans that allow customers to know exactly what they are signing up for. Their helpful add-ons are rare and much-coveted in the industry, as is their optional First Class Upgrade, which protects and upgrades systems that were not properly maintained or installed by previous service providers. This is a generous offer in an industry that denies claims if the company feels like the system was damaged before the warranty was purchased.

First American Home Warranty understands the plight of customers who have to go through this hassle and provides maintenance and modification of such systems.

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A look at their website’s homepage will give an overview of the basic rating, base cost, service fee, and response time of every company they have recommended, and the objectivity of their choices have not been questioned because they provide justifications for each comment they make. has made it their mission to help homeowners across the world make good decisions with important purchases like home warranty services.


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