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Best CBD Oil Canada: Top Places To Buy CBD Oil In 2021

Are you struggling with an unbearable headache for a long time?

You’ve surely tried a lot of allopathic medicines by now, but they must’ve only been partially effective. However, there’s one option you still haven’t thought of. And that’s CBD oil.

Surprised? Well, it will reduce your headache substantially within days, and that too without any side effects! It is also capable of curing a range of other health problems.

This is why CBD oil is becoming more and more popular in Canada. But the availability of so many brands out there would naturally confuse anyone who would start searching for a suitable CBD oil.

So, we’ve decided to put forward this guide to the 3 Best CBD oils in Canada. For this purpose, we have extensively researched the most well-known brands in the country. Plus, you’ll also find all the essential information relating to CBD oil and its usage.

And if you’re still wondering how trustworthy our reviews would be, we assure you that we’ve tried these products ourselves.

Let’s get going!

The 3 Best CBD Oil Canada Wide Review:

  1. CBDNorth Full-Spectrum Oil – Top Pick & Editor’s Choice
  2. CBD Magic Organic CBD Oil – Runner Up
  3. Resolve CBD – 2nd Runner Up

1. CBDNorth Full-Spectrum Oil – Top Pick & Best Product

Brand Overview:

To purchase the right CBD product, it’s best to go for reliable sources that manufacture all-natural and truly effective solutions. CBDNorth’s products offer the quality and reliability that users seek, which is why it is trusted CBD oil Canada wide.

In fact, the brand has been highly praised by many users for its highly potent CBD tinctures that have provided overall relaxation and improved sleep patterns considerably.

A big advantage of choosing CBDNorth is that it maintains adequate transparency and honesty by conducting third-party lab tests for each of its products. This helps in upholding its image as a trusted, caring, and morally conscious brand.

Furthermore, to reach out to first-timers in the world of CBD products, the brand includes an educative blog on CBD. Consisting of product recommendations and dosage guides, this blog can be beneficial to people who aren’t sure of which product to start with.

A range of CBD products other than oils is also available, including edibles such as gummies containing organic flavors and CBD creams.


  • Entirely removes THC for Isolate Oils
  • Has a positive impact on sleeplessness and pain
  • Customer service is effective and responds quickly
  • Offers many dosage options
  • Payment option is safe


  • No subscription scheme for reorders


There are several reasons behind our selection of CBDNorth’s Full-Spectrum Oil as the top CBD Oil in the country. Here, we’ll look at each of these briefly.

  1. Availability Of Multiple Dosages

This brand offers a variety of dosage options, with each of them corresponding to a particular level of potency. Note that you can get dosages of its products from 500-2000 mg, while there are two dropper sizes available, viz. 50ml and 30ml.

These options allow you to go for the suitable dosage level and dropper size according to your needs. Naturally, if you need a greater potency level, a higher dosage would be required.

  1. Multiple Cannabinoids

The Full-Spectrum Oil from CBDNorth has a variety of secondary cannabinoids on offer. These organic components act together to intensify each other’s impact, which ultimately proves to be very beneficial for your health. In fact, such results may not be achieved using standard medication.

  1. No Artificial Flavoring

CBDNorth formulates its products using simple ingredients, and the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is no exception. It consists of pure and clean MCT Oil and doesn’t have any artificial flavors added to enhance its appeal.

But you’ll be surprised to know that customers still find its taste delightful. As such, you can reap the benefits of the premium-quality hemp grown in Canada without being concerned about the taste.

  1. Financial Assistance

CBDNorth believes that it is within the right of every citizen to use CBD products of premium quality. Thus, it financially assists users who need such products by offering a discount of 45% on all their purchases. The website of the brand mentions certain criteria based on which the benefits are provided.

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2. CBD Magic Organic CBD Oil – Runner Up

Brand Overview:

Next, we’ve picked the brand CBD Magic which is quite well-known for the water-soluble form of CBD and 100% pure Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. It also offers all the CBD products at a much more pocket-friendly rate than many other brands.

You can use the CBD Oils from this brand for deriving relief from several chronic pains, anxiety issues, and even sleep deficiency. And this is made possible by a highly effective formulation consisting of a full-spectrum extract of hemp, oil from hemp seeds, and organic MCT oil.

Notably, this formulation doesn’t include any chemicals, and each of the ingredients undergoes rigorous tests to ensure that they are perfectly safe and effective.


  • Subscription program for reorders
  • Organically sourced MCT oil
  • Effective in curing anxiety, stress, stress, and pain
  • Product recommendations and dosage guides
  • Value for money


  • No financial assistance scheme


  1. Provides A Refund Guarantee

An effective refund policy is an important factor for ensuring that customers can rely on the brand. Considering this, CBD Magic allows users to return their purchased products within 30 days if they are unsatisfied with the same and provides a refund of the entire amount.

  1. Offers Both Types of CBD Oil

A CBD oil can either be full-spectrum or isolate, and this brand offers both these varieties in pure and organic forms. While the full-spectrum one is derived with the help of an advanced hemp extraction process, the isolate oil consists of highly beneficial cannabinoids like THCV, CBDV, and CBN.

  1. Subscription

The subscription program for reordering products of this brand sets it apart from several other CBD brands in the country. After all, it saves both time and money, which are equally valuable to all users. This ensures you don’t have to bear the hassle of placing the same order from scratch and thus, simplifies the process to a large extent.

  1. Breaking Down The CBD Content

For both the full-spectrum and isolate varieties of the oil, choosing a bottle of 1 fl oz will offer you 1000mg of the product. The other variants available include 500mg, 3000mg, 4000mg, and 2000mg.

  1. Product Categorisation

To make the selection process easier, CBD Magic puts forward its offering in several categories based on the users’ needs. For example, those faced with unbearable chronic pain, searching for something that could provide relief, can select the “Pain” option. This option would list the entire set of CBD products beneficial for the purpose.

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3. Resolve CBD – 2nd Runner Up

Brand Overview:

We also found Resolve CBD to be worthy of being included in our list since it provides quick as well as long-lasting relief to users with its products. Having its base in Toronto, this brand has garnered positive reviews from many customers till now.

Its Full-Spectrum oil helps relieve any chronic pain, reduce anxiety, and treat sleep deficiency.

And interestingly, the brand doesn’t hide anything about its products since the website includes the results of the third-party laboratory tests. It also guarantees that the beneficial effects of using every product would comply with these results.

Furthermore, beginners are also provided with a guide for selecting the right dosage to address their health problems. Even the variety of products offered is fairly extensive as it includes full-spectrum oils, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and pet treats.


  • Meets the safety standards set for CBD products
  • Financially assists potential buyers in need
  • Quiz for recommending dosages
  • Offers a system of rewards
  • Non-psychoactive CBD oils
  • Detailed blog on different CBD-related topics
  • Three-tier scheme for subscription


  • Insufficient dropper sizes and dosages


  1. CBD Education

ResolveCBD offers a highly diverse and exhaustive blog to make new users aware of the contribution of CBD in providing relief from different health issues. We found this one to be really informative as it can provide users the answers to any queries and concerns that they might have regarding CBD products.

  1. Reward System

The brand has a system of rewards on offer for its customers every time they make a purchase. They can then redeem those points for their future orders according to their preferences. This scheme has been started with an aim to facilitate customer loyalty.

  1. All Products Are Non-Psychoactive

All products of the brand contain just about 0.3% THC or even, and as such, are entirely non-psychoactive.

  1. Subscription Scheme

We were glad to find that a subscription program is also offered by this brand, whereby discounts can be earned on every product. There are three subscription schemes, viz. bi-monthly, monthly, and six-weekly, among which you can choose the most suitable option as per the need. Note that you get a discount of 20% on every recurring order under this scheme.

  1. Financial Assistance

ResolveCBD offers an empathetic program for financially assisting users who are faced with a shortage of money but genuinely need CBD products. They are offered a rebate of up to 25% for each of their orders and this is applicable for a maximum of 2 orders every month.

Residents of Canada who earn less, are differently-abled, or work in health services can apply for this discount.

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How Did We Make This CBD Oil Canada List?

We started curating our guide on CBD oils by putting together the most popular brands on the market to create a list. Needless to say, it was quite long since there were so many effective products on the market.

This was followed by thorough research of each brand using the ratings and reviews provided by customers and the reports of the lab tests. We even went through the information about sourcing and preparation of the CBD extracts.

A couple of brands were then shortlisted using the results of the activities discussed above. This smaller list was made complying with the stringent industry requirements and safety standards. Following this, some more names were scrapped from the list till it consisted of the top three names we discussed in our guide.

Notably, we’ve also utilized several inputs from experts in the industry, journalists, and CBD consumers and drawn information from documented reports. Here are some other aspects that we also looked at while shortening our list.

  • How it addresses pain, inflammation, and other problems
  • THC content in the products
  • An assessment of their production practices
  • Identification of hemp extract and its source
  • Reputation of the brand among customers
  • Introductory section on CBD on the website
  • Provision of dosage instructions

How To Choose CBD Oil In Canada – Buyer’s Guide

As you can find CBD oils belonging to various brands on the market, choosing a suitable product does become quite difficult. Nevertheless, going for the safest and most high-performing product is always the best, which is why you need to consider certain vital factors. In this part of our guide, we’ll be explaining each of these factors to you.

An important point for beginners to keep in mind before making a choice is the objective of using CBD oil. You should also remember that a product effective for another user may not be equally useful for you.

For instance, an isolate CBD oil will be helpful in reducing issues like sleeplessness, but a full-spectrum variety would be better for those who are faced with chronic pains. Now, let’s move on and have a look at each of the important factors that must be considered.

1. Results Of Lab Tests

A reliable brand would always come up with products that are pure, safe, and of the desired quality. And there can be no better yardstick for these requirements than the results of the tests conducted by third-party laboratories. As such, a brand that is absolutely sure about the standard of its products will always showcase these results on its website.

Customers would also trust the product more if they find that it’s transparent in this regard. All brands should therefore take care to ensure that the results are updated with the necessary information.

2. THC Level

Verifying whether the THC content is within the prescribed limits is crucial to making the right choice. Here, you should note that according to Canadian law, the THC content in any CBD product must not be more than 0.3%. After all, it’s essential to ensure that you’re not going for something that doesn’t comply with the legal norms pertaining to CBD products.

3. Hemp Sourcing

The ingredients of a good-quality CBD product would be derived from a reliable source that is of standard quality. Hence, it’s important to source hemp from an ideal place to provide consumers with the results that they desire. This naturally implies that a brand not stating its hemp source with enough clarity can’t be relied upon.

Farms that follow the guidelines set for the production of hemp can be regarded as an ideal source. Plus, the levels of THC in the hemp produced by these farms are always maintained within the legally prescribed limits.

4. Extraction

Three methods of hemp extraction can be utilized for manufacturing CBD products, and accordingly, each product has three types. Note that some brands offer all three types, while others use only one extraction method for their products.

So, let’s find out about each of these three CBD types:

A. Full-Spectrum

This type has many variants containing different nutrients and coming in different flavors.

B. Broad-Spectrum

These CBD products contain all nutrients except THC.

C. Isolate

You get only pure CBD in this one as all other components are extracted from it.

After deciding on the suitable type of CBD based on your needs, you would be able to zero in on the corresponding product easily. This, in turn, will rule out the hassle involved in going through the details of lots of brands.

5. Price

Price is, of course, an important factor when you’re making any purchase; hence you need to consider it here as well. And if you plan to use these products regularly, it’s crucial to monitor the cost involved.

Keep in mind that the price would depend on quite a few factors, including the dosage availability, quality, and the ingredients used. Hence, you must have a clear idea about the dosage and the extraction type that you’ll go for.

6. Ingredients

You should always go through the ingredient list of a CBD product to ensure that all of them are known and safe for use. If any product comes with an unknown ingredient, potential risks to your health can’t be ruled out.

For instance, the ingredient might cause an allergic reaction on the body, or can have a more dangerous effect on your health.

Notably, some brands offer gluten-free and vegan options, which makes them ideal for people who follow a regulated diet. And if you’re a vegan, remember to go through the ingredients of any CBD oil tincture since it may contain animal products.

7. Shipping Policy

Free shipping, if provided by any brand, is a great advantage. In fact, it suggests that the brand always wants to deliver the desired quality of service to its customers and would bear the cost involved. This facility is also beneficial in the long run as it positively influences the ability of a brand to establish a trustworthy relationship with its customers.

How Does CBD Oil Help?

CBD oils have a range of positive effects, which makes it difficult to explain them briefly. But we’ve still made an effort to put these together in the form of a list, and we hope it will help you understand its virtues in a better way.

1. Acne

The majority of treatment options you’ll find for different skin issues are allopathic. As such, it might have unprecedented effects on your skin or even your overall health. But going for CBD oil Canada is a much better option as it would never bring about such effects.

Furthermore, this oil has been successful in curing chronic acne and lots of other skin issues. It would also offer more long-lasting effects than allopathic medicines.

2. Reduces Depression And Anxiety

Undoubtedly, the most widespread mental health issues of today are depression and anxiety. Though psychiatric medications are available in abundance, these may not always be so effective and can also have several side effects.

In comparison, CBD products are a great alternative to such medicines, as many people around the world have testified them as an effective remedy to these problems. You must also note that the two mental health issues are related in several ways. Hence, using one CBD product would reduce the regular dosage of other medicines to some extent.

3. Relief From Pain

A major benefit of using CBD products is that they provide relief from acute pain. This is also one of the primary reasons behind their prevalence on the market. The types of pain that can be reduced by such products include body aches, menstrual cramps, chronic pain, and headaches.

Even if the pain is not eliminated completely, the discomfort would surely be reduced to a great extent. Also, several studies have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of CBD oil. You’ll be happy to hear that the majority have inferred that it is a highly reliable option for relieving most types of pain.

FAQs About CBD Oil Canada

Q. How Shall You Determine The Right Dosage Required For CBD Oil?

If you’re not experienced in using such products, you might be confused about the ideal dosage for CBD oil. Indeed, the task of ascertaining the suitable dosage is not very simple.

Here are some factors which can be used to determine your dosage:

  • Bodyweight
  • Ingestion mode
  • Body chemistry
  • Reason for use

As has been mentioned earlier, quite a few brands offer a dosage guide on their website to help consumers understand the dose that would be suitable for their needs. But if you still have any doubts regarding this issue, it’s best to consult a physician.

Another essential point to note is that the dosage must not be increased until you have got accustomed to it. So, if you’re using a 5mg dose at the start, you must never switch to a 10mg dose before getting comfortable with the former quantity.

Q. How Should CBD Oil Be Used?

This oil is, in effect, a solution containing CBD; hence you can administer it quite easily. Just take some of the solution in the dropper. Following this, place the dropper below the tongue for a few seconds. Soon, the tiny capillaries found in the oral mucosa will absorb the oil.

Q. Is There Any Side-effect Of Using CBD Oil?

Tested by laboratories, CBD products do not pose any major risks to your health. But in case the dosage exceeds 1,500mg, there might be some minor side-effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Changed appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue

But rest assured that the side-effects of overconsumption won’t last longer than 8 hours. So, there is no need to panic during such situations.

Remember that CBD is purely natural, so it would never have any adverse effect on your health in the long term. Make sure you drink enough water and have food on a timely basis as that would help the body normalize quickly.

Conclusion – Which CBD Oil Brand in Canada Should You Go For?

So, here was our guide on everything you need to know about the most effective CBD oils in Canada. We’re sure you will be able to choose a suitable one as per your needs. So, go ahead and see for yourself how your life changes for the better!

But remember that a wrong choice won’t fetch you the desired results. That’s the reason why you should go for truly reliable brands like CBDNorth and CBD Magic. Speaking of our top favorite, it would definitely be the CBDNorth Full-Spectrum Oil since it’s highly effective in curing a variety of health issues.


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