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  • Twilio consulting partner Zing implements the solution, following competitive market review

Specialist UK motorcycle insurance company Bennetts has successfully migrated its contact centre to a Twilio programmable cloud-based contact centre platform, following its sale by Saga.

Working with Twilio consulting partner Zing, Bennetts has moved away from legacy contact centre systems and Intercom web chat, to Twilio Flex. The solution is fully integrated with Calabrio to bring workforce management and the virtual contact centre together seamlessly.

Since the pandemic, Bennetts’ 100-plus contact centre team need to be able to work remotely, so Twilio Flex offers scalability and flexibility, and gives agents the tools they need at their fingertips to ensure a better customer experience.

Ian Scrivens, head of IT development at Bennetts, explains: “While our initial driver for this implementation was the Saga sale and moving off their systems, it presented a perfect opportunity to build a platform that was user-centric and built for flexibility and growth. One of our core values is being able to ‘shape our own future’, so moving to Flex means we can continue to develop the platform and answer the needs of the business. Working with Zing, whose team was perfectly in tune with our way of thinking, meant that the migration was the fastest and smoothest I’ve been involved with.”

Julian Hucker, CEO of Zing adds: “What strikes you working with Bennetts is that everyone is extremely passionate about what they do. Call centre agents aren’t just there to win new customers or process claims, they want to help people get more from motorcycling. So, it’s absolutely critical to have a contact centre platform that maximises the efficiency and quality of every customer interaction. That’s why we’re delighted to implement Twilio Flex, to provide them a tool that can grow with their business.”

For an in-depth story about the implementation, read Julian Hucker’s interview with Ian Scrivens: Why Discovery is the most important part of any cloud contact centre implementation

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