Benjamin Gordon: Truck Drivers are Essential Workers, and They’re at High Risk of Unemployment Due to COVID-19

Long-haul truckers are the backbone of the American economy, even if many Americans do not realize it. Responsible for transporting tons of supplies on their daily routes across the country, long-haul truckers have seen a decrease in demand since the start of nationwide stay-at-home orders. According to a May 1 report from the Washington Post, truckers across the country have suffered, and it does not seem like their employers are providing many solutions. In April, trucks gathered in the country’s capital of Washington D.C. to protest working conditions. Shipping rates have decreased since the global COVID-10 pandemic increased in severity; not only have truckers’ routes been reduced, so too have their wages. And of course, truckers also have families to support and their own needs to take care of. The decrease in job opportunities not only speaks to the state of the long-haul logistics industry, but also to America’s economy as a whole.

On May 15, business guru and marketing expert Benjamin Gordon tweeted about the situation (@benjaminhgordon). Gordon’s expertise lies in logistics and supply chain management, so it was a fitting tweet. Just looking at Benjamin Gordon’s work history, you can tell he has a lot of experience in this field. He founded BG Strategic Advisors (BGSA), a West Palm Beach-based investment banking firm for the supply chain sector. BGSA helps supply chain CEOs to maximize their value via mergers, acquisitions, investments, and other strategic initiatives. Benjamin has worked with firms such as UPS, DHL, Kuehne & Nagel, Agility Logistics, NFI Logistics, GENCO, Nations Express, Raytrans, Echo Global, Dixie, Wilpak, and others. At BGSA, Benjamin Gordon leads the annual BGSA Supply Chain conference, the largest annual conference for CEOs from all segments of the global supply chain.

Additionally, Benjamin Gordon has been published in Fortune, CNBC, SupplyChainBrain, Data Driven Investor, Supply Chain 247, Freightwaves, and Supply Chain Management Review. He has been interviewed or featured by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Logistics Management, ABC, Lehrer News Hour, Journal of Commerce, Transport Topics, Supply Chain Management Quarterly, and Traffic World.

Long-haul truckers have seen both the highs and lows of this pandemic. Although some truckers saw a boost in jobs and business in the early days of the pandemic, once companies reorganized, many truckers saw a drastic decrease in business. Their services were not needed as often or were needed for only certain things like trucking supplies that people need to stay safe at home. For example, truckers who usually haul food have seen a decrease in activity since most restaurants and grocery stores have scaled back their food orders since demand has been down.

Only time will tell if the trucking industry is one that will recover after this pandemic ends. Many people have already been laid off or have had to take on additional jobs just to support themselves. Hopefully, this pandemic will also show people who were not familiar with the trucking industry the importance of long-haul truckers. If more people like Benjamin Gordon continue to bring attention to this important issue, it can be resolved, and people can continue with their lives—fully able to support themselves and their loved ones. Also US based needy students can apply for Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Scholarship.



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