Basics Key tips to reduce your corporate travel spend

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Travel has been essential for long before planes traversed the oceans, so tips for how to do reduce the spend are a plenty you just need to decide the combination of tips that will be best for your needs. Below are just a few that can all be employed together or adapted to what really is required for your unique corporate necessities,

  1. Standardise travel. This should be a top down method that the CEO all the way down to the Intern can and should follow. Whether it be a constant hotel brand that is used around the world to build up a relationship with that brand, booking through points systems that allow room for extra savings, or even coming down to always using comparison sites like Skyscanner.net for flights, hotels.com for accommodation or Enjoycarhire.com for vehicles. These will also assist you when it comes to duty of care for your employees and self, saving the company from possible legal issues that may arise with preferential or poor treatment.
  2. If there is a meeting on a Friday and the ticket prices are aggressive to say the least, then try first to shift the meeting to get a better rate or get there a day earlier. Being on the ground a day before needed allows everyone involved to see how that city, town, country operates and calm those nerves.
  3. Live a little. Although the best way to keep spending down is to remain strict on policy creation, with the world being the way it is now there is a need to keep your travel policy something to boast about. Consider adding an extra day for people to take in the sites or even ensure that one place on their itinerary is somewhere they wouldn’t normally, get them out of their comfort zone and ready to adapt to new clients.

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