Basic Question & Their Answers on Funeral Services in California

Is it challenging to select a funeral home in California?

There are around 1,200 funeral homes throughout California, so you cannot complain about not having options. You need to give a thought about the location and the budget you have for the funeral spending.

How much will you pay for cremation in California?

If cremation is your no. 1 choice, you should go ahead and check the market. Some family-owned networks provide cremation services for a reasonable price. The reputed ones have locations all over California, so don’t hesitate to quote prices over the phone.

What are the laws regulating cremation in California?

The average price of cremation may differ considerably, so you may want to take a look before selecting the funeral home. A simple cremation in Los Angeles can go from as low as $600 to a pricey $3,000. In California caskets aren’t required by the law for cremation. Although, a dependable rigid cremation container is needed.

Some states require a mandatory wait time after death until cremation is happening.

What does traditional burial implies in California?

The vault will be around the funeral casket in concrete or other material entirely, whereas the grave liners will only cover the top and the sides.

Is embalming mandatory in California?

In case of delay, you can authorize embalming prior public viewing period, while keeping in mind that embalming will not stop decomposition.

Can you purchase caskets from anyplace?

You may very well buy it from a casket seller and deliver it to the funeral home of your choice. The funeral home is required to accept the casket, without adding any service charges for it. You can save a buck or two when purchasing the casket right from a casket retailer and use it with a funeral home.