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Avoid These Bad Habits to Maintain Your Skin Wellness

Your clear skin regime may be on the right track so far. But it does not hurt to always check all of the habits that might do negative things to your skin. From your usual morning routine to skipping omega-6 meals, forgetting to remove your makeup, there are many loopholes which many of us might never realize. You won’t need to waste your time to recall all of these. I’ve compiled the bad habits to watch out for in order to take care of your skin.

Cleaning your face too often

Cleaning your skin is indeed one of the golden rules to maintain your skin’s overall wellness. But doing it too frequently can affect your skin badly. Did you know that cleaning your skin more than thrice a day can get rid of its natural oils and protection? That means your skin’s natural protection will be weaker against the pollutants outside. So, clean your skin in moderation frequency.

Forgetting to apply SPF

Sun exposure can be really bad for your skin. Exposure for a long time can affect your skin tone and wellness. The UV rays out there are dangerous since these can speed up aging. Sun damage is one of the causes of wrinkles, sagging, and lines. In some worse cases, it can cause skin cancers. Some people only apply their SPF at the beach. But that is not the case. Sun exposed areas are where you want to protect your skin with the SPF 30 or higher.

Forgetting to remove your makeup

Many ladies do not realize that putting on their makeup while sleeping at night can be bad for their skin. The thing is that the makeup that you wear throughout the day has trapped pollution, dirt, and other harmful substances. This can also create clogs, making your skin difficult to breathe. If you don’t want to get messed up with the water, you can clean your face using face wipes. It might be more expensive, but it can be helpful if you are too tired to remove your makeup in the bathroom.

Not cleaning your phone

Most of us cannot be separated from our smartphones or tablet. It is because we communicate and work with it. But did you know that the pollutants and bacteria are sticking to their surface? If you’ve wondered why there’s a pimple on your chin, that could be probably the reason. Wipe your phone once a day to keep your skin safe from pollutants and bacteria.

Not sleeping enough

It is one of the biggest mistakes that you might not realize to do over and over again. Folks have their own reason to get late for sleeping. In terms of work, you might not want to miss the deadline. Having not enough sleep can affect your skin badly. The thing is that when you are sleeping, your skin is naturally rejuvenating. It would take enough time to maximally repair your skin. But if you cut the sleeping time short, your skin won’t have enough time to rejuvenate well. That explains how you will get circles, bags, lines, and other noticeable skin aging symptoms.

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