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Aranca launches ‘Company Watch’ – An online COVID-19 tracker

aranca launches company watch an online covid 19 tracker

Jul 22, 2020 9:00 AM ET
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iCrowd Newswire – Jul 22, 2020

July 2020, Aranca, Mumbai

Aranca launched an online tool called ‘Company Watch’ in May 2020, to track the effect of COVID-19 on various industries. Company Watch is managed and updated daily with the latest information on 300+ global firms of repute across sectors and regions. Aranca will continually add more companies to the tracker, providing a holistic view of the impact of the pandemic on businesses.

The main objective of this curated database is to provide insights on how COVID-19 has affected the health of Fortune 500 organisations. It focuses on the impact on the bottom line of businesses, disruption in their manufacturing operations due to complete/partial shutdown of factories, interrupted supply chain, and decrease in demand. It also showcases steps taken by companies to navigate through this crisis. The information on initiatives taken for employee welfare, repurposing of factories, realigning strategies to focus on new geographies/segments/product lines to fight this turmoil are highlighted as well. Succinctly put, the tool provides a complete overview of a company’s current condition.

Speaking about the tool, Mr. Craig Witt, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Aranca said, “The ongoing pandemic has made us rethink our assumptions about the future as we reshape consumer, corporate and social behaviour. Company Watch takes a closer look at how businesses across sectors are coping with this complex situation and facing up to the crisis.”

Mr. Prabir Chetia, Head of Business Research & Advisory added , “Company Watch presents the details of various multinationals and how they are faring in the current scenario in a crisp and concise manner. It saves countless hours of manual research as the tool provides latest information that is fully curated and neatly tabulated, at the click of a button.”

You can check out this new tool on Aranca’s website

Founded in 2003, Aranca is a global research and advisory research firm, empowering decision makers from Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, private equity and high potential start-ups with intelligence and insights to make better business decisions. Aranca enables this by bringing in the right mix of best data, methodologies and talent to deliver value.

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